Are Liberty Safes Waterproof?

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There are not many gun safes on the market that are waterproof. This list includes Liberty Safes of whom at the moment does not offer a water proof safe.

[Photo of safe courtesy of Liberty Safes]

Safes are air tight right? So then why aren’t they water proof?

The standard gun safe as we know it, like Liberty and its major competitors tend to be very air tight. However they do have holes in them, its just not enough to have air flow.

Where does the air escape?

There are holes behind any lock, behind the body of the safe for the dehumidifier, and then holes in the bottom for the bolt down kit. There is of course the non-watertight seal in the door.

Because of these holes and gaps, they are not waterproof, but are still relatively air tight.

If you have to have a waterproof safe, make sure to check out my list of waterproof safes here. However my recommendation is to decide which you need most, security, or the waterproof aspect. You probably won’t get both.

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