5 Things You Didn’t Know About Tracker Safe [#5 Is Really Exciting]

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I recently asked the companies that I have featured to let me know 5 things that they wish their customers knew! Zach Boyer from Tracker Safe was kind enough to send me these 5 things!

They are a smaller safe company, but they really do pack a punch for imported gun safes (and as we’ll learn soon, to be USA made as well).

[Safe image courtesy of Tracker Safe]

1. Living the gun safe life

Family owned and operated by brothers Luke Boyer and Zach Boyer. Big advocates of gun rights, gun safety, quality of product, and of course customer service. Interests: shooting sports, hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, travel, and family most importantly.

When you buy a gun safe, you really do want to know that they are people who have built this safe are thinking about what you really need in the safe. Having a brother owned company that shares the interests in the firearm industry is going to be really important. 

Also, I really like that it is family owned, as those companies tend to be better with quality control, as their family name is on the line.

2. Knowing who you are

The brand Tracker Safe was started in 2008 by Zach and Luke’s entrepreneurial parents as an alternative option to overpriced gun safe/security safes. We believe that for the quality of our products, we are very fairly priced in the marketplace. We aren’t the cheapest nor the most expensive, but when you get a Tracker Safe you know you are getting a high quality product for a good price.

It is always great to find a company that understands where they stand in the market. So often I find companies that talk about being the best product on the market, when their quality and price don’t match.

Tracker Safes are actually a really great value, and I have them on my list of best gun safes at Lowes. They are one of the few that have quality locks on them, and give a great steel thickness to price value.

3. Customer service

Tracker Safe has two showrooms – Tukwila, WA(servicing the greater Seattle area) and Vancouver, WA (headquarters – servicing the greater Portland area). Between the two showrooms, our phones/customer service team can be reach 7 days a week during our business hours. This allows us to take care of our customer’s questions/concerns much quicker than major manufacturers.

This is actually something really great to have. Many manufacturers or retailers are closed on the weekends, so having access to support even on the weekends is awesome.

Being locked out of your safe doesn’t wait for weekdays.

4. Imported safes with locks installed in the USA

While the majority of our products are made in China, which we do not hide, we maintain a rigorous inspection process here at our Vancouver, WA headquarters. Most Tracker Safes are received into our warehouse without locks installed. We have US labor inspect all safes and install locks on the appropriate safes. This ensures the quality of our Tracker Safe products are consistent and meets our customer’s needs every single time. No surprises when you open a Tracker Safe. – just a quality product for a fair price with good customer service to boot.

Many companies (not just gun safes) will import their product into the USA, and then ship them right back out, and not a single person actually does a form of quality check. Having an important safe manufacturer personally install each lock is huge!

The main downside to import safes really does come down to their locks, so taking this out of the mix really is awesome.

5. USA Made Safes (exciting)

Tracker Safe products have been made in China for price point purposes but we are happy to introduce our USA Series in January, 2020. Made in southern California by a contract manufacturer. The Tracker Safe USA Series standard features are ¼” steel plate door, 10 gauge steel body, 90 minute fire rating, door organizer, internal power, pre-installed light kit. Tracker Safe is ecstatic to get into the USA manufactured safe industry as we can now provide even more options for our customers.

A new USA made gun safe brand is always extremely excited. 10 gauge steel with a fire rating of 90 minutes puts it up against companies like Fort Knox, Browning, and Liberty. So I am really excited to see what they come out with!

It is always great to find companies that options to choose from. You can start with their import safe, and as your collection and value grow, graduate to their more expensive safe later on.


You may not have heard of Tracker Safe, or know very little about them at the moment, however they are definitely a brand to keep an eye on while you are on your journey to owning your first, or possibly 5th gun safe!

Make sure to follow up as soon as their USA made safe comes out! Then I’ll be adding them to this list.