ForeverSpin Mystery Top Review! I Don’t know what It is made of, but its Awesome

We may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. Thanks for the support! 👍

I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

Quite a while back, ForeverSpin sent me out a spinning top, and spinning base to review (at no charge)! I have really enjoyed it, and still keep it on my desk as on of my main desk accessories.

However at the end of this last year (2020), ForeverSpin was sending out emails talking about how they were going to be throwing in a free Mystery Spinning Top with some orders, and I really wanted to give it a try, to see what it was all about.

ForeverSpin was kind enough to send one out to me for review (at no charge again)! However, everything in this article is my own opinion.

What is the Mystery Spinning Top?

The Mystery Spinning Top from ForeverSpin is actually a top you aren’t able to buy! Instead, every Christmas season ForeverSpin makes a Mystery Top, where they don’t share what it is made of, but adds it into orders as an added gift!

Below is a quick quote from one of their emails they send out about it!

This is a true collectors item and a one-time production run that you or your loved ones should be very proud to own.

– ForeverSpin

Each spinning top is made in the same size, and style as the rest, and is generally a specific color.

In 2019 they offered a purple one, and this time (2020) it was a blue one, and this is the one that I received.

How does it compare to my other ForeverSpin?

One awesome thing, is that I have my other ForeverSpin to get to compare this one to! My first thoughts is that this spinning top is ever so slightly lighter than my original ForeverSpin, meaning it is a lighter metal (as they are all the same dimensions).

Of course it also has the blue hue, which is very cool! I really like the way it stands out, while sitting on my ForeverSpin base.

It spins well on my base, and I plan on keeping this one on the desk and move my other one to a shelf for display!

Where can you get a Mystery ForeverSpin top?

As mentioned before, this one is actually not something you can purchase!

It is a one time run, and you likely will only be able to buy it again if you get it second hand.

What you can do, is wait until this following end-of-year and they likely will have a new Mystery Spinning Top that you can get for yourself.


While you unfortunately aren’t able to buy one of these yourself, you should definitely wait to this next year, and start your ForeverSpin collection.

So far, I have really enjoyed talking with them, and they are quick to respond, and quick to ship!