200,000 Miles on a Pickup: Is that too many miles?

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It used to be that vehicles had a hard time making it to the 100,000 mile mark, however nowadays pickups, SUVs and cars alike are seeing 200,000 miles or more with no problem at a all. In this article we are going to take a look at what a pickup truck is like at this mileage, and what to keep an eye out for.

However first things first, is 200,000 miles a lot for a pickup truck? In reality it can be, and it may not be! If a pickup has been taken care of (a good example is mine) it can go over 200,000 miles with little to no problem, and can be expected to even hit 300,000. However if oil changes are not done on regular timing with regular maintenance, a pickup can be extremely tires in multiple ways before it ever hits this number.

What to keep an eye out for on trucks with over 200,000 miles

Here are a couple of extra bits of advice when buying a truck:

Make sure that light-duty work trucks have been used for just that exclusively. It’s especially important to look at how many miles were put on the truck while it was used for its intended purpose. A lot of work trucks are bought and then changed owners several times before actually being used for heavy-duty work.

Check if there have been any oil leaks or other major problems with the engine that you can see. If there’s been a large amount of oil left on the driveway, for example, and/or you see an engine with a lot of black residue around it, this is not a good sign.

If you’re looking at buying used pickups with over 200,000 miles on them that have been used to drive larger numbers of people, check to see if there are any dents in the exterior.

If you’re looking at older pickups with high mileage, you’ll probably find dings on the exterior of the body near the edges. These often come from people opening doors and leaning out to pull trunks closed. Make sure those things are well cared for. These are small details, but they could make a difference in your final price.

Maintenance on a 200,000 mile truck

Remember that maintenance takes money. If you buy a used pickup with 200,000 miles on it and you’re looking at paying 20 to 30 thousand dollars for it, those repairs needed may well cost as much as buying a truck that’s been taken care of from the beginning. So keep that in mind when making your decision.

If you take good care of your truck, expect to get 200,000 miles from it. It’s possible to go beyond that number, but you’ll have a high repair bill on your hands by the time those extra miles are under your belt.

Long-haul work trucks may even receive more regular maintenance and therefore have an extended life expectancy.

A good rule of thumb for older pickups with high mileage: If you’re looking at a used work truck and it’s got over 100,000 miles on the engine and has been taken care of mechanically, this is a good thing. If the body is worn out or damaged from rust or other problems, that’s bad. If you see a truck that’s had a body or other repairs, look more closely at how it was repaired. A good-quality repair that has been done properly will last just as long as the rest of the vehicle.

A sound engine with over 100,000 miles on it is an indication of regular maintenance and/or care. If you are looking for a good deal on a used pickup or other vehicles, keep this in mind.


If you take care of a truck by following the recommended maintenance plan, you will get 200,000 miles out of it. Just make sure to keep up with oil changes and other key tasks.