Can you store a camper shell outside?

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Yes. After you clean your camper shell, you can store it outside. Typically, toppers are built with materials that do not need inside storage for protection against the elements. However, if you want to keep your shell looking great, bring it inside after cleaning it before the weather turns cold or wet.

Camper Shell Storing Tips?

  • Clean the shell before storing it for the season.
  • Bring your topper inside if you are expecting wet or cold weather.
  • Store your topper indoors on a flat surface covered with plastic, such as an old sheet or tarp, so dust and dirt do not build up. Make sure it can dry quickly if there is a leak or it rains.
  • Place the topper in an outbuilding, such as a garage with a door that can open and close easily for ventilation. In the worst-case scenario, try to find a location where rain will not hit your shell directly, where animals cannot damage it and where children will not play on it.

How Often Should You Clean Your Topper?

You should clean your topper before you store it away for the season. Otherwise, the dirt and debris will attract water and mold, damaging the shell’s finish over time. Also, if animals are attracted to the spot where your camper is stored, they can cause severe damage by chewing on it.

How to Clean a Camper Topper?

Clean your camper shell right after you wash and dry your vehicle because the camper top will likely be wet inside from rain or water dripping off the edge while cleaning underneath.

Put a ladder or platform under the shell so you can reach all areas easily. If mold grows inside the shell, wipe it away with a bleach and water mixture. If the mold leaves a difficult-to-remove stain behind, try using a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water to remove all traces of the stain from your camper top.

Be sure to allow the shell time to dry before storing it. Also, make sure there is shade and protection from rain and snow if you store it outside. Protecting your camper shell will keep it looking great for years to come!

Here are different ways to store a truck cap.

1. Storing a Truck Cap in the Garage

This is the best way to store your truck cap because you are able to keep it out of inclement weather. However, if you want to store your truck cap outside, be sure that it is clean and has completely dried before bringing it back inside.

2. Storing a Truck Cap Inside Your House

The worst way to store your truck cap is to introduce mold and mildew by leaving it inside your house. Also, the dirt will likely scratch the inside of your shell.

3. Storing a Truck Cap on an RV Trailer

It is possible to store a truck cap over the top of an RV trailer, but be sure that it is clean and free from water weight. This will help to prevent sinking or being sunken into the dirt while you are gone.

If stored correctly, your camper shell should last a long time. But if you notice rust forming on any elements of your camper, it is best to contact a professional for repairs before using it again.

Is there a way to prepare a topper for storage outside?

Yes. Since aluminum-shell campers are built with materials that don’t need inside storage, they can be stored almost anywhere. After you clean your camper shell, you will need to make sure it is covered if left out in the rain or snow. It should also be protected from any large debris, such as tree branches or animals that may damage it.

It would be best if you also looked into a storage cover for the shell to protect it from the elements.

Should you raise a topper off the ground for storage?

Yes. Even though aluminum-shell campers don’t require inside storage, they still need attention when stored outdoors. In addition to storing your camper inside, you will need to take precautions, so it does not sit directly on the ground and rust if stored outside.

To prevent this, find a level surface and place down wood or asphalt shingles, so it doesn’t sit directly on dirt or grass and rust away. By making sure these tips are followed, your camping shell should be ready to use by next season.


You should take precautions to protect your shell from the elements when stored outside. If you store yours indoors, be sure it is clean and scorched before covering or storing it away for the season. Also, it is best to store an aluminum-shell camper on a level surface that is free of debris or moisture. By making these small changes, you will be ready to camp next year!