A Review of Swiftwick’s Rocky Mountain Vision Six Impression National Parks Socks

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Let me start by saying Swiftwick is one of the most sought after sock companies in the world. These Swiftwick socks are made from a blend of nylon, polyester and spandex, which provides comfort for all day use.

Swiftwick’s Rocky Mountain National Parks socks offer an excellent way to show your support for America’s National Parks System while having your feet feel great at the same time!

Please Note: These socks were sent out to me free of charge by the manufacturer, however the opinions in this article are my own.

[Image courtesy of SwiftWick]

How comfortable are they?

The first thing anyone looks for in a good pair of socks, is the comfort! I do have to say, these socks (just like all of the rest from SwiftWick) are extremely comfortable. I like that they are thinner, yet supporting, and cushioned.

They were extremely well for hiking, walking, around town and more. I even use them as socks in a professional setting as well.

These are well rounded socks that can work for much more than SwiftWick claims, as they are comfortable in any situation.

How do they look in person?

I really like the styling, and the image of the Rocky Mountain picture on the socks! It is awesome to be able to represent your favorite national park in a fun way.

What I noticed is that when the sock stretched out a bit, it does stretch the image. However, this doesn’t present any significant issue.

Overall, I really like the way these socks look, and they have quickly turned into my favorite pair of socks that I own at the moment.

You might not pay much attention to your socks, but with the purchase of Swiftwick’s Rocky Mountain Vision Six Impression National Parks socks, I have been able to appreciate mine even more.

Do the socks fit well?

I wear 10 – 10.5 depending on the shoe I am wearing, and the large sized socks that SwiftWick sent me fit perfectly! They aren’t too loose, and aren’t too tight, and instead fit exactly the way you would want some performance socks to fit.

Where are these socks made?

It wouldn’t be a good national parks representation if it was made anywhere but they USA! Swiftwick has been a company that puts America first.

Are they worth the price?

The SwiftWick Rocky Mountain National Parks socks are priced at between $15-$20 depending on if it is on sale or not, which is a very reasonable price point for this product!

While many fitness and performance socks tend to be designed for the single purpose, these work as every day socks, and even dress socks!

They are incredibly durable, fun to wear, and I look forward to the time I get to wear them again.

What other version’s can you get?

If you like these socks, but wish they had a different image on it, they have 15 different versions in total, you’ll find them listed below!

  1. Great Smoky Mountain Bears
  2. Yosemite Half Dome
  3. Grand Canyon Lookout
  4. Zion River Valley
  5. Yellowstone Bison
  6. Arches
  7. Rocky Mountain
  8. Grand Teton
  9. Denali
  10. Joshua Tree
  11. Yellowstone
  12. Grand Canyon
  13. Great Smoky
  14. Yosemite
  15. Zion


You might not pay much attention to your socks, but Swiftwick’s Rocky Mountain Socks offer you the chance to feel great in a favorite national park. They are well priced and extremely comfortable. Consider picking up some Swiftwick’s Rocky Mountain National Parks Socks for yourself next time you are out!