Reviewing The Swiftwick Socks Flite XT Five

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The Swiftwick Socks Flite XT Five are the nicest socks I have right now, and you can tell the moment you put them on. 

Let me start this off with a disclaimer though, I am not an athlete, and no I don’t run marathons, but I do have feet that hurt me when I wear the wrong footwear, and I have to say, that these don’t hurt me and are great socks.

Swiftwick socks on wet cement and boat
These socks look really nice, and the logo is very obvious on the front

Swiftwick was kind enough to send me out a pair of their new Flite XT Five socks to try out and review on my site, free of charge, as I wanted to see what they were all about!

I am glad they did, as I do really like them! They are lightweight, add some compression to my arches, and look nice without having crazy styling.

So let’s dig into the features, and what my thoughts are on them!

GripDry Fiber prevents slipping inside your shoe

The last thing you want when you are lifting weights, or running is to lose balance. The worst thing is when you have those socks that move around inside of your shoe and you never quite feel like you are balanced.

These socks offer GripDry that keeps that from happening! I feel like most socks that are thinner like this don’t tend to give you much balance, but I did not notice this being an issue when wearing the socks.

AnkleLock Technology provides targeted ankle support

Blue shows with socks
Yes, I know, I use these shoes for hiking… I need hiking shoes

Again, it’s difficult to say how well the socks do in this category, however I must say I didn’t run into any issues with rolling my ankle! That is saying something though, as I did take them hiking, immediately got them wet in a river and then hiked for a couple hours afterwards… okay, so maybe they did do a good job.

Flex Channels improve range of motion and moisture control

This feature is something I personally didn’t notice a ton of difference between these and other socks. However I don’t really have an overall issue with moisture in my shoes… but of course in my testing it was mainly winter and spring.

Medium Cushion and Moderate Compression

This is something I really noticed about the socks! They don’t give a crazy amount of compression, and are comfortable to wear, without feeling loose. I could definitely tell they gave me support in my feet where it was needed, but just not too much where they don’t make great every-day socks.

I don’t need socks that have too much compression, and I feel like these had just enough!

Side of Swiftwick socks
These socks are incredibly comfortable

Who are these meant for?

These socks are perfect for those that want more support from their socks than any normal sock you can buy, but not too much where it gets annoying. It also is perfect for those people that hate ankle socks, but can’t stand having longer socks. They were that perfect in-between for length.

How much does it cost?

These by no means are a cheap sock, however let’s be honest, socks tend to always be more expensive than you think they are going to be. However at $23.99 for a pair, they definitely are on the upper end of the spectrum.

Keep in mind though the next section, as that also has a lot to do with the cost!

Where are swiftwick socks made?

Now that we have talked about the price, you should also be aware that Swiftwick socks are made right here in the USA. They aren’t outsourced to any other country than right here. That makes that price a little more palatable to know that they are providing jobs here.

Socks in foreground of outdoors
Swiftwick Socks With a River! Doesn’t get much better than that


This was my first time ever reviewing socks, and have found them to be one of the more difficult things to review! I really have enjoyed the socks, and look forward to getting to them as my socks for the day.

If you have pain in your arches after a long day, and want to find some relief, I would definitely recommend at least trying these socks.

Of course, Swiftwick has a ton of other socks (including a trail version of this sock) as well, and you should check out their site by clicking the button below.