SecureIt Launches the new Model 78 – An Ammo Cabinet

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I’ll be honest, I don’t talk a ton about Ammo Cabinets here on this site! That is mainly because most people keep their ammo in gun safes (which you really shouldn’t do, but that is for a different article.

However, with the launch of the Model 78 by SecureIt, it really should be talked about a bit more!

SecureIt specifically makes many different products for the military, and then takes what they learn from that and makes some awesome civilian products. A great example is the Model 40 and 52. However with this launch of their Model 78, it gives us a great option for storage of ammo.

So what does it offer?

The diamond style front gives air flow, which means humidity can’t build up causing damage to ammo, and also allows any gases that may escape to not build up on the interior of the safe.

With 16 gauge steel, it is more of a cabinet than a safe, however that really isn’t that bad of a thing when it comes to ammo.

According to SecureIt’s site, this cabinet can hold up to 2400 pounds of contents with a considerably smaller footprint than a normal safe.