The SecureIt Agile Model 52 and 40 Are Amazing

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SecureIt Agile 52 & 40


Locking Mechanism
Steel Thickness
Security Features
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SecureIt really hit it out of the park with these little safes. They may not be the thickest steel in the industry, but they are exactly what they claim to be, an awesome option to the standard gun safe.


I was recently going through my site, and realized I had never actually written an official article about one of my favorite gun safes out there right now. Now, the safe isn’t exactly the same gun safe you think of when you say “gun safe”, but it is so much better.

The SecureIt Agile Gun Safe collection consists of the Model 52, and more recently the Model 40 version of the safe. These are what you would consider a modular gun safe, as they arrive flat, and you are able to put it together in pieces wherever you plan on keeping the safe.

[Image courtesy of SecureIt]

Having this modular build, means that you can easily break it down if you are moving (of course only if it is unlocked), and you can keep these in apartments, rentals, or anywhere else where you may not be able to get a standard gun safe into.

Without anything better to do, let’s talk a little bit more about what you are getting when you order a Model 52, or Model 40 Agile safe.

Agile Model 52 vs Model 40

Before we get too far into the specific features, I should definitely let you know exactly what is different between the two safes, so that you can be aware of that one difference while reading through the rest of the features.

Essentially the only difference is the height. The Model 52 is, well, 50 inches tall, and the Model 40 is 40 inches tall. Yep, that’s the difference!

If you need a gun safe to fit into a shorter space, or just don’t need height with the firearms you have, the Model 40 may be your best bet. If you do need that extra room, and I assume most people will, the Model 52 is going to be your safe of choice.

You will find two videos below going more in depth between the two different safes.

Locking mechanism

Whether you like them or not, the Agile safes come standard with an electronic locking mechanism. 

Unfortunately, as this is a SecureIt branded locking mechanism, I can’t totally speak to the quality and backing of who actually created the lock.

However that said, as we will talk about later, these safes carry a 15 year warranty. While that may not be quite a lifetime warranty, it still is significant and shows they have a decent amount of trust in their lock.

Steel thickness

While it isn’t openly advertised what the gauge of steel is for these gun safes, I did find a comment on their site where the manufacturer stated that these were an 18 gauge cold steel rolled safes.

While this isn’t super impressive when it comes to most gun safes in the industry, when you consider what this safe is trying to be (an ultra light and portable gun safe) this is respectable, and would keep out smash and grab burglars. 

If you want something with thicker steel, SecureIt does offer that in their Answer Safes, and their True Safe.

Fire rating

As I am sure you have probably already guessed, these safes do not have a fire rating. Without any fire material in the walls these safes are open to the elements.

Again, much like the steel thickness, they do have other safes in their inventory that will fit the bill if you need fire rating.

If you want to learn more about why SecureIt also doesn’t believe much in normal safes fire ratings, the video below should help.

Security Features

These safes are extremely simple, yet effective gun safes. They offer the above mentioned steel, and the above mentioned electronic lock.

Outside of that, it does give a key override, and four way bolt work.

This line of safes is by no means a complicated system of bolt work, but it gets the job done well for what it is meant for.


Every SecureIt product carries the same warranty. A 15 year warranty on manufacturer defects. Of course like everyone else, it is voided by modifying, or abusing the product, but like I said, everyone else is really the same way.

It appears this warranty does cover every part of the safe, including the locking mechanism, as that would normally be called out by other manufacturers as being something that isn’t covered.


If you spend any time at all of SecureIt’s site, or watching their massive library of videos. You will likely find that the company doesn’t believe in making products that are meant to be shown off, and should instead be hidden out of sight, and never talked about.

That said, their safes do actually look really cool in their own right. Everything is thought out, and is exactly where it should be.

They may not have automotive finishes akin to a Ferrari paint job, but they do offer an extremely usable finish that should hold up to years of abuse.

These safes are a tactical style safe, and is something you would expect a military member to own.

Additional Features

While the additional accessories section of my articles don’t tend to be where gun safes shine. This is a whole different matter. 

SecureIt offers one of the coolest interiors of really any gun safe manufacturer. They use a patented Cradle Grid Technology, which is essentially a louvered panel in the back of the safe. 

Those louvers allow you to hang bins, rifle supports, pistol hanger, and a ton of different  accessories that let you outfit the interior of your safe exactly the way you want.

Below is a promo video showing a little bit more about this CradleGrid Technology.


While these safes may not be the highest security safe out there on the market today, that really isn’t the purpose of them.

What these safes aren’t, is a safe that is trying to trick you into buying them. They are worth what they are selling them, and they aren’t trying to pretend to be something that they aren’t.

If that is something that you want when you buy a safe, then these are probably some great options for you.

If you need something a bit more secure but still want a SecureIt products, I definitely recommend you visit this article about the rest of the products that they offer by visiting this article I put together here.

Otherwise, you should visit SecureIt’s site by clicking the button below!