The Nathan Sports VaporKrar WaistPak Works Great For A Quick Hike

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Have you ever gone out hiking, running, walking or just on the go, but wished you could take items like a water bottle, or other items that you can’t put in your pockets, but you also don’t want to take a backpack with you? 

This is a common issue for me, especially on hikes and walks. Personally, backpacks make me sweat, and I just don’t always need that big of a pack with me. With that in mind, enter the Nathan Sports VaporKrar Waistpak. 

The manufacturer of this was kind enough to send me one of these out to review free of charge, however everything in this article are opinions of my own.

Don’t let the fancy name deter you, this waistpack is extremely convenient! My favorite feature is the water bottle, but we’ll get into that a little bit later.

Waistpak on a kayak
I recently took it out kayaking to store my water bottle for the trip

Pockets for everything

While I mainly use the Wastpak to store the water bottle we will talk about later (yes, 20oz of water in the pack is awesome), it also has storage for a lot of other things!

For example, something that I enjoyed the other day, was being able to keep my bike wrenches in one of the pouches for if I needed to work on the new bike I got and am tuning. I should also mention that even though the wrenches are sturdy, I barely felt it on my waste.

The pack also has straps to keep walking sticks, places to keep your keys and more.

Because of these, if you aren’t needing to take a ton of things, this can easily replace a backpack for most short outings.

Fits really well

Once you get the hang of stepping into the WaistPak and pulling it up to your waste, it fits on my hips

Water bottle included

Drinking from water bottle
You can see its easy to drink out of

This is also one of my favorite features. The VaporKrar Waistpak comes standard with a collapsible water bottle. This water bottle is easy to fill, and easy to drink out of.

After filling it with the allowed 20 ounces of water, you have the ability to remove the air out of the bottle, which I have found allows it to not slosh around. Meaning while you run, you don’t even know you have water on you. You don’t get that with a normal water bottle.

There is of course that perfect pocket for this water bottle in the pack.

I also have even taken this water bottle with me in my backpack when I have found I needed to take more than the WaistPak allowed for.

Doesn’t need to be adjusted

This belt has three different sizes, Extre-extra Small/Extra Small, S/M, and L/XL. There aren’t any adjustments, so as long as you get the right size waist pack, no adjustments are needed! All you do is step into the waistpack and pull it up to where it is comfortable for you.

Incredibly easy, and no adjustments needed.

What I didn’t like about it

While it may seem I liked everything about this VaporKrar Waistpak, there were a couple things that I didn’t quite like so much about it.

Firstly, putting it on, and taking off is a bit awkward at times. Unfortunately when you take the waistpack off, it kinda imitates taking off some form of clothes, which makes for a bit of an awkward experience.

Secondly, when wearing the pack, as well as having the water bottle in the pack, it can tend to look a bit awkward as well. You aren’t quite sure if you should have your shirt over it, or tuck it under the pack. Either way makes a bit of a weird lump where you aren’t quite sure what it is.

Who is this WaistPak for?

This isn’t for everyone, however it is perfect for those like me that really don’t always enjoy taking a backpack with you, but just wish you had a little storage on you that doesn’t move around.

It works great for bicyclists, runners, and walkers alike.

Meanwhile if you are planning on going on longer trips, something like their Hydration Vest you will find on BackCountry here.

How much does it cost?

This WaistPak retails at $59.99 on the manufacturers website, however I have found it cheaper at some retailers such as this one.

very nice spring day for a kayak
It was such a nice spring day to be out kayaking


Obviously this isn’t for everyone, and a backpack will be the better fit. However if you are anything like me, where you just want to keep some small things on you while you walk, run, cycle, hike or anything else, then this might be worth a look!

Regardless of what camp you are in, I recommend taking a closer look at the manufacturer website, they have a lot of other great stuff as well.

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