Top 6 Best Gun Safes At Home Depot

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Most people you will find online say you should never buy a gun safe from a big box retailer, which Home Depot is. However for the most part that is true, many great manufacturers of safes do actually sell their safes through Home Depot, and other big box retailers.

Yes, there are definitely some not so great safes out there, that don’t have a great reputation. However if you are shopping at Home Depot for a safe, and this is the place you need to buy it, go into the purchase with the knowledge of what to actually look for. This list should give you a great starting point to make sure you are keeping your home “safe”.

Each of these are well known in the industry, and are honestly the same safe you could buy at a specialty gun safe store.

At a glance

Here are the best safes at Home Depot by their price bracket. Make sure to keep reading to learn more about them!

CostGun Safe
Under $100Sentry Safe Portable Handgun Safe
Under $500Buffalo Underbed Gun Safe
Under $1000Tracker Safe 14 Gun
Under $2000Snapsafe Super Titan
Under $3000Snapsafe Super Titan XL
Under $4000Snapsafe Super Titan XXL

1. Best Gun Safe Under $100 – Sentry Safe Portable Handgun Safe with Key Lock and Tether Cable

Home Depot doesn’t have the largest selection of gun safes under $100, however if I had to choose one, it easily would be the SentrySafe Portable Handgun Safe.

This is a small single handgun safe that comes equipped with a tether cable for storing in your vehicle, as well as a single barrel key locking mechanism.

According to Home Depot’s website it is TSA approved, which is perfect for travel.

If you are looking to make sure that your firearm will fit into this, draw out a box that is  9.8” wide by 7.3” deep by 3” high in dimensions, as that is the interior space of this little pistol safe.

2. Best Gun Safe Under $500 – Buffalo Under Bed Gun Safe

Again, this isn’t quite a full size gun safe, however it does offer what I believe to be the best quality, and security you are going to find in this price range. 

Now this isn’t exactly specific to Home Depot though, as you can see in this article of best safes in general under $500 what you would consider a standard gun safe doesn’t start getting into the high quality range until around the $1000 range. 

Anyways, as for this specific safe, it offers a hidden gun safe style that does allow for full size long guns to be stored under the bed. With 14 gauge steel, and a decent electronic lock with a key back up it should be relatively secure.

Keep in mind though, much like pistol safes, this one doesn’t offer any form of fire rating.

To see pictures of this under bed safe, and to purchase follow this link to Home Depot’s site.

3. Best Gun Safe Under $1000 – Tracker Safe 14 Gun

This is the TS24, but the TS14 looks extremely similar [Image courtesy of Tracker Safe]

Much like in my best gun safes at Lowes article, you will find Tracker Safe on this list! Tracker Safe is one of my favorite manufacturers, as they offer quality safes at a good price. 

One of my favorite things about them, is that while they are imported safes, the locks themselves are installed right here in the USA. This means that one of the most important components has the quality control tha we need.

This 14 gun safe in particular is going to offer a fire rating of 30 minutes at 1200 degrees, 12 gauge steel (comparable to much more expensive safes), and a UL listed name brand locking mechanism.

This is all backed up by a manufacturer limited lifetime warranty.

If you want to learn more about Tracker Safes, read through this article that details a lot more info about this safe.

If you want to see this safe on Home Depot’s site, make sure to follow this link.

4. Best Gun Safe Under $2000 – Snapsafe Super Titan

[Image courtesy of Snapsafe]

Whenever I get a chance to add a Snapsafe Titan safe to a list I will. These safes offer so many features that standard safes just don’t.

It utilizes a modular style built, which means that it shows up at your door in a crate, and you are able to put it together in pieces wherever you want to put the safe, meaning you don’t need a moving company to bring in this 550 pound safe.

On top of this, it offers a 1 hour fire rating at 2300 degrees, a 9 gauge steel construction (achieved by multiple layers of steel), and a great quality electronic lock with a key backup.

This safe is found one quite a few of my favorite safe lists, like best modular gun safes, my list of safes at Tractor Supply and even my overall best gun safes.

If you want to learn more about the Titan safe series, this article details a lot more about it in depth.

Here is a video you can watch about how to put this together as well.

5. Best Gun Safe Under $3000 – Snapsafe Super Titan XL

[Image courtesy of Snapsafe]

Well this is a bit awkward. With only to safes in this range of price, the Snapsafe Super Titan XL easily won out as the best option over the Stack-On. If there were any safe I personally would buy right now, this probably would be it.

The XL version of this safe is basically the big brother of the Super Titan we talked about earlier. However on top of all the specs from earlier, it builds on it by making it wider, and now offers two doors that swing from opposite sides.

This style of doors are rare in the gun safe industry, but offers great access to the interior of the safe.

Make sure to definitely visit this link to Home Depot’s site to read more about this one.

6. Best Gun Safe Under $4000 – Snapsafe Super Titan XXL

[Image courtesy of Snapsafe]

Alright, so I didn’t intend to have this list feature so many Snapsafe products, however to be fair this is literally the only safe in this price range.

I have been a fan of these products for a long time though, and highly recommend them.

This version of the safe adds some depth to the XXL, and offers all the same features as before.

Here is the link to it on Home Depot’s website.


In this article, I think I have shown that there are in fact good gun safes that big box stores do sell. You just really need to make sure you are educated, and looking at the right safe.

I personally wouldn’t recommend buying just any safe, as not every safe is equal in different price ranges, however these safes should be a rather good bet to buy and know you will be happy and secure.

If you want to keep reading, these are the features that I would look for when buying a gun safe.