Top 6 Best Gun Safes at Tractor Supply [Final Guide]

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Tractor Supply has over 1800 stores nationwide, which means you likely live by one of them. The benefit to that, is you also have a great source for gun safes near you as well! They may not have every brand in the world, but they do have some of the best gun safes at Tractor Supply.

I am going to run through the different brands they carry, and the list below is ordered from my favorite safes, to the least recommended. So let’s get right to it, and talk about the safes you probably should keep your eye on if you are shopping at this retailer.

1. Liberty Safe 1776 Series – And More

Tractor Supply really does seem to focus heavily on Liberty Safes, and for good reason! They carry the 1776, Revere, USA, Home Safe, and the Home Safe Premium series of safes.

Now, if you take a quick glance at Liberty Safe’s website, or my article I wrote here, you will find that many of these names are missing from their standard lineup. From what I can tell, they have basically renamed their lineup for their big box retailers.

So that you can further do your research, it appears the 1776 is identical to the Fatboy Jr you will find elsewhere. The Revere is identical to the mainline Centurion. The USA series is actually already a part of their main safes, and of course the Home Safe, and Home Safe Premium safes are also a part of Liberty’s main safes.

My Favorite Liberty Safe They Carry

If I were to choose any specific safe to buy at Tractor Supply, the 1776 series really stands out to me. This can be seen, as it did win out as the best USA made gun safe on my over all best gun safes list that you can read about here.

This safe offers a 60 minute fire rating, 11 gauge steel, and just a lot of great features, all in an affordable, lifetime warrantied, USA made package. It is difficult to beat, even in the import safe market.

2. Mossy Oak 41 Gun Safe

There is only one Mossy Oak branded safe at Tractor Supply at the time of this writing. However, even though there aren’t many options, it still is near the top of my list. 

This is mainly because the 41 gun safe offers 12 gauge steel, a great fire rating of 90 minutes, and has a rare water resistant feature.

While all of those features are really great, I think what makes it really stand out is the interior of the safe. It has 3 roll out gun racks, gun storage on the back of the safe and on the door, and the electrical kit was moved to the top of the safe, which is unusual in the gun safe market.

If you want to learn a bit more about this safe! This article goes much more in depth.

3. Sports Afield SA5930H – And More

Must like Liberty, Tractor Supply offers a wide arrange of different Sports Afield safes. They consist of the Preserve, Haven, Tactical LZ, and Journey series of safes. Each series varies in gauge of steel and fire rating.

At the time of this writing, all of the safes at Tractor Supply under the Sports Afield name are under $1000, and honestly aren’t the thickest of steel. However if you are aware of what you are buying, and know you aren’t going to get the crazy thick steel and quality, than this might be a good option if you are staying on a budget.

What Sports Afield Safe would I buy?

If I were to buy any specific safe by Sports Afield at this retailer, I would probably get the SA5925H. This is a Haven series safe, so it has the 14 gauge steel

4. American Security Defense Vault

Now the brand of American Security would normally be higher up on this list, however unfortunately Tractor Supply only sells their underbed safe called the Defense Vault.

This safe is much like Snapsafe’s Underbed Safe, but I would say a bit higher quality, and removing your rifle is a bit different, and more convenient as it slides out to you.

The Defense Vault has 14 gauge steel, no fire rating (most under bed safes are this way) and is overall a relatively high security gun safe for the money.

I do wish though, that American Security had a wider range of products sold through Tractor Supply, as they make awesome products that range widely in cost.

5. Stack-On Total Defense 40 – And More

Stack-On Safes seem to be everywhere, and sold by anyone, and Tractor Supply is no different. In this case, they sell the Sentinel, Armorguard, Elite, Defense, their Shooter’s safe (which is for AR style rifles), and quite a few different Stack-On Cabinets.

Now, for the most part, I don’t tend to recommend Stack-On if you are looking at the overall picture, however since this is for a specific retailer, you can’t ignore them.

What Stack-On would I buy?

If I had to choose any of the safes that Stack-On offers at Tractor Supply, it would definitely be the Total Defense 40. This is a larger safe, and offers a water resistant feature that not many safes out there are able to compete with. If you live in a high water table area, it would definitely be a great option.

The safe also offers a 75 minute fire rating, and an unknown steel gauge. However if I were to guess it probably is in the 12-14 gauge range.

6. Mesa Safes 16.5 Cubic Feet – And More

Mesa is another one of those brands, like Tracker Safes, that is currently under the radar a little bit more than they deserve. They offer some great import safes, for a great price.

The safe in questions specifically carries a 30 minute fire rating, “24” gun capacity, and 12 gauge steel.  This is really respectable, considering the price at Tractor Supply is under $1000.

The one downside I see to this safe, is that it only has a 1 year warranty for defects, so if there are defects after that one year, you are looking for a locksmith, and paying for it as well.

If you are comfortable with that though, Mesa Safes really are a great value.


Tractor Supply is a huge company at this point, and offers a wide range of great safes. They do offer some with questionable quality as well, and I hope this list helps you sift through those and find the diamonds in the rough.

If you are still not convinced of Tractor Supply for your safe, I do also have some other lists for other great retailers like the below!

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