Top 7 Best Corner Safes in 2023

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Have you ever looked at a corner in your home and though, “Man, it would be great to have a safe there”. Well, you are in luck! More seriously though, corner safes are a great option to your standard safe, they offer a couple things over what a standard 4 corner safe does.

Pros of a corner safe

  • Safe is out of the way in the corner
  • If you have to have the safe in the corner, these safes won’t have the door hit the wall and can open all the way

Cons of a corner safe

  • There are not many options on the market today
  • You have more corners, which tend to be a weak point on safes

Now, as I mentioned above, there isn’t a ton of options for corner safes, as they seem to be difficult to make, and most people are used to the standard safe, so the market is much smaller than the normal 4 cornered safes.

That said, here are the best options I have found for corner safes on the market today (and some of them not on the market)!

1. Ironman Corner Model 4500 and 4500T Gun Safes

If I were personally going to buy an Ironman safe, these safes would be my first stop when shopping. They are really a great safe, for a great price.

They offer all the same security features and steel you would expect out of a standard USA made gun safe, just with a bit of a different design that allows for it to be placed in the corner.

Some notable features is the 10 gauge steel that can be custom upgraded, a great 2 hour fire rating, and the lifetime warranty!

Also, I haven’t been able to confirm it, however I have seen a picture of one of these with a rotating interior (which I’ll talk more about in the Pendleton Safes part of this article lower down on the list).

Features of the safe

  • Locking mechanism: Standard with mechanical lock
  • Steel thickness: 10 gauge steel (Can be upgraded)
  • Fire rating: 2 hours at 1533 degrees
  • Security Features: ⅜” steel plate to protect locking mechanism, mounting holes with hardware
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty for the safe, 1 year warranty for lock
  • Aesthetics: L Shaped handle, powder coated finish,
  • Additional Features: Can fit into corner


  • External Dimensions: 
    • Face: 26”
    • Front-Side: 12”
    • Back-Side: 33”
    • Back: 8”
    • Height: 4500T is 72”, 4500 is 60”
  • Internal Dimensions:
  • Weight: 4500T is 835 pounds, 4500 is 820 pounds

2. Vault Pro Diamond Corner Safe

Now I wasn’t able to find much information about this exact gun safe, however Vault Pro is well known as being one of the most premium gun safes out there right now.

I’m sure the main reason specs aren’t readily available, is because every safe is custom made, so you have the ability to choose exactly what goes into your safe for steel, locking mechanism, colors and so much more.

Best bet would be to give Vault Pro a phone call and discuss your needs, however I am going to bet it will probably end up being around 50% or so more than the Ironman safe above.

However you will get a much nicer safe for that money, so it is definitely worth at least looking into these guys.

Features of the safe

  • Locking mechanism: Electronic lock, but can be chosen upon order
  • Steel thickness: 10, 7 gauge, or 3 gauge
  • Fire rating: Up to 2 hours
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty
  • Aesthetics: High quality paint

3. Pendleton Safes

This safe manufacturer reminds me quite a bit of Vault Pro, but also is very different. They don’t believe in fire ratings, and they don’t believe in the standard gun safe interior.

All of their safes have an awesome rotating interior, that allows you to be able to access every rifle in the safe without reaching around anything.

They also believe in USA made safes, thick steel, and more.

Now you may be asking, this doesn’t look like a corner safe, why is it on this list! Now you may be right, however with it’s rounded back (that reflects its rotating interior), it is able to be rotated in a corner so you are able to get all of the same benefits of your standard corner safe.

Features of the safe

  • Locking mechanism: Your choice
  • Steel thickness: 3/16” up to ¼”
  • Fire rating: None
  • Security Features: Flat locking bars, 
  • Warranty: Unknown, probably lifetime though
  • Aesthetics: Many paint options, cool round back
  • Additional Features: Rotating interior to easily access interior. Rotating top exterior.


  • External Dimensions: 72″ High by 42.5″Wide by 21.24″ Deep
  • Weight: 303 pounds

4. Securall Corner Gun Cabinet 11 Gun

I am not crazy familiar with the Securall products, however this safe/cabinet really stood out to me as a great option for a good corner safe.

It technically is a gun cabinet, however with its two layers of 18 gauge steel, it will be relatively difficult to cut through. This would kinda be considered an inner steel liner, and you can read more about what that is in this article I wrote.

Having the option to upgrade to having a form of fire rating is also really awesome, so that you can have some kind of protection against a fire. I wouldn’t be overly confident in it, but at least it is better than nothing.

One other thing that stood out to me was their 15 year warranty. I have never seen a 15 year warranty on a safe, so I was a bit confused by that… I feel like a lifetime would have been a better option here. 

It does have a great size, at 72” high and being 42.5” wide it should give you quite a bit of space. In the interior, it follows the triangle shape all the way to the back with firearm storage.

Features of the safe

  • Locking mechanism: LaGard Electronic Combination Lock
  • Steel thickness: 2 layers of 18 gauge steel, with air pocket between
  • Fire rating: None, but can be upgraded to include it for added cost
  • Security Features: Hinge Lock full locking bar
  • Warranty: 15 year warranty
  • Aesthetics: L Shaped handle
  • Additional Features: Multiple interior options


  • External Dimensions: 72″ High by 42.5″Wide by 21.24″ Deep
  • Weight: 303 pounds

5. Homak 10 Gun Steel Corner Cabinet

Now much like the above option, the Homak Corner Safe is definitely a cabinet, and not a real safe. If you go with this option, just don’t be surprised when the steel flexes when you push on it.

That said, it does fit perfectly in the corner and gives a good way to store firearms that will keep them out of the hands of children, and possibly smash and grab thieves.

One feature that is pretty cool though, is the ability to be able to mount it to the wall, instead of the floor. With full size safes I wouldn’t recommend this options, however with this cabinet it does make some sense. If you just need to keep it semi secured to something, then you can just drill into the wall. I am also sure landlords in rentals would be much more kind to this idea, rather than bolting it to their costly floor.

Features of the safe

  • Locking mechanism: Double key lock
  • Steel thickness: 16 gauge (1.2mm)
  • Fire rating: None
  • Security Features: Can be mounted to wall,
  • Warranty:  1 year warranty
  • Aesthetics: Basic
  • Additional Features: Extra shelving


  • External Dimensions: 57” High by 33.75” Wide by 24” Deep
  • Weight: 96 pounds

Other Options For Corner Safes

Alright, so those are my favorite options for corner safes today! However there are actually a few more out there that you may be able to find, however they will be found used. If you are going to buy one of these, and are able to locate it, then make sure to read this article that I wrote where it talks about the pros, and cons of buying a used gun safe.

6. Browning Corner Safe – NO LONGER SOLD

I honestly don’t know much about this safe and it’s specifications. However I’m going to bet it is USA made, as it would be difficult to build these offshore.

It also is definitely an older design style, as it has the L shaped handle and is obviously now discontinued.

7. Sentry HDC11E Home Defense Center Gun Safe- NO LONGER SOLD

While this safe has been discontinued, I was able to get a little more information than for the Browning.

This safe from factory came with a bolt down kit, and had a unique corner front, instead of a flat face. This means it kinda opens like that corner cabinet you have in your kitchen, just reversed.

It also used a top mounted keypad, but had a key bypass backup. I unfortunately am not quite sure what gauge of steel it has though.

Other Option To Put A Safe In The Corner

Now, if you aren’t able to buy any of these safes for one reason or another, and you need to buy a standard full size safe but still need it in the corner I would handle this a bit of a different way.

A lot of people end up building their safes into a wall, so this would be an option in this case. You would basically build a corner closet around the safe! It would take framing it in, some drywall and more, but it could create a great look.


Corner safes are just not super popular, however for those that do need this option, I hope I was able to point you in the right direction! I would definitely start your search with Ironman Safes, as they give the best value at the moment, however move your way down the list until you find that right one.

If none of these work, I would recommend looking at this list of best gun safes in general for each purpose. It would be a great place to learn more about safes.