Top 7 Best Gun Safes at Cabela’s in 2023

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Best Gun Safes at Cabela's

Cabela’s is a huge outdoors store, and they have a wide array of products like clothing, fishing supplies, and even gun safes.

I took some time to look through and find what I think are the best selection of gun safes for each price range.

So let’s take a look at what they have to offer!

Our FavoritesThe ProductRating
Under $100Liberty HD-1004 / 5
Under $500Liberty HDX-2504.5 / 5
Under $1000Browning Ultra 33-Gun Safe4.5 / 5
Under $2000Browning Hawg 49 gun3.5 / 5
Under $4000Cabela’s Ambassador E-Lock 505 / 5

1. Liberty HD-100 – Best Under $150

Liberty HD-100 dimensions
Liberty HD-100 is a compact, but great product [Image Courtesy of Liberty]

The Liberty HD-100 can be found on quite a few of my lists of best pistol safes, including North 40.

It has a simple 4 digit electronic keypad that is easy to use in the dark. It also features 18 gauge steel, which is decent for the category and the features available, and a lighted interior.

2 year warranty is standard on the HD series.

This safe may not be the best pistol vault on the market, but for the price, and a lot of discounts you get at Cabela’s, it offers a great value.

2. Liberty HDX-250 – Best Under $500

Liberty HDX-250 dimensions

The HDX-250 also shows up on quite a few of my lists. However it is for great reason.

The Liberty HDX-250 is the biometric (fingerprint) version of the HD series.

It also upgrades the warranty to 5 years standard.

For those looking for a biometric style safe, the HDX series, and the 250 in general is a great choice. I wouldn’t personally recommend a biometric safe that is any cheaper than this, as you start to run into reliability issues.

3. Browning Ultra 33-Gun Safe – Best Under $1000

Browning Ultra 33 with door open
[Image courtesy of Browning]

This Ultra 33-Gun, while it doesn’t follow the naming scheme is basically the exact same safe as the Sporter 33 Standard that you will find in most stores.

It offers the same 60 minute fire rating, 12 gauge steel, and for the price point, one of the best interiors I have found.

The interior has the cantilever interior that allows for adjustable shelves, and has the 1/2 DPX door system that gives space to expand your pistol selection, as well as a place to put rifles on the door.

The Ultra series (Sporter Series) is one of my favorite budget safes over all, not just at Cabela’s.

4. Browning Hawg 49 gun – Best Under $2000

Browning Hawg 49 gun
Browning Hawn is an important safe, but a great value [Image courtesy of Browning]

Browning has been, and probably always will be one of my favorite safe manufacturers out there.

They build some great products, have awesome interiors, and show up to be great quality.

The HAWG offers a 49 gun capacity using the Cantilver interior design. Has 60 minute fire rating, 12 gauge steel, and it appears you can only get the electronic lock from Cabela’s. That is okay though, as the e-lock in use on this one is pretty great quality.

This safe also is found on some of my other favorite safe lists.

5. Cabela’s Ambassador E-Lock 50-Gun Safe – Best Under $4000

Ambassador with door open
[Image courtesy of Liberty]

I am a huge fan of Cabela’s branded products, and actually just bought one of their rain coats. Why? Well, I can’t really prove it, but I’m pretty sure they are made by the same people that make the name brand style of the same coat. That you means you get a great price, for a great product.

Nothing is really different here with the Ambassador series for these Liberty safes.

All of the specs line up perfectly with the Lincoln series of Liberty safes.

That means you will get the 90 minute fire rating, 11 gauge steel, military style locking bars, the ProLogic electronic lock and interior lights that the Lincoln gets.

6. Cabela’s Magnum 40 Safe with E-Lock – Best Under $10,000

Cabela's Magum 40 with door open
[Image courtesy of Liberty]

Much like the Ambassador safe above, the Magnum follows one of the standard Liberty safes lineups. This one is very similar to the National Security Magnum series by Liberty. This is one of their highest end safes, and offers the awesome look of an off center spindle.

It also has an industry leading 2.5 hour fire rating, awesome 7 gauge steel, 18 super thick military style locking bars, jewelry drawers, interior lighting, door panels and so much more. Of course for the price, it better have all of that.

This safe is really not for everyone, but it is a great safe for a great price. It’s comparable to Browning’s Platinum Plus series that is in the same price range.

7. Browning In-Swinging Vault Door – Bonus Option

In-Swinging door open and close
[Image courtesy of Browning]

Alright, so this may not be a gun safe.

However Cabala’s does sell this in-swing door by Browning and is worth a look.

Does a safe not offer a large enough interior for your collection? Have an extra room in your house, or are building a new home?

You might want to get a vault door. It also doubles as a safe room for emergencies, or a storm door.

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