How to make coffee with an Aeropress [4 Steps]

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An Aeropress coffee maker is not a super common style of coffee maker. Most users of an Aeropress are someone that really enjoy coffee and who enjoy trying out different styles.

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So why should you own an Aeropress?

There are quite a few reason to own an Aeropress. However one main reason would be for its portability. If you are on-the-go, you can take this with you and as long as you can get hot water, you can make a cup of coffee.

You can make different types of coffee with the aeropress as well!

You can make the standard espresso style by leaving the coffee as is.

You can make American Coffee by adding water to make a total of 8 ounces of water and coffee.

A latte can be made by adding milk to make 8 ounces including coffee instead of water.

More suprisingly, you can make cold brew coffee by adding cold water instead of hot. Then filter up to 8 ounces after that.

Now onto making the coffee! Make sure to follow these steps

  1. Set up the Aeropress by pushing out the plunger, putting in the filter, and then putting the filter cap onto the plunger.
  2. After putting the Aeropress onto the mug of your choice, put one scoop of coffee into the aeropress. Shake it a little bit to level out the coffee.
  3. Put 175 degree water up to the 1 line, and then stir it for 10 seconds.
  4. Put plunger into the Aeropress and gently push down. When you feel resistance hold off until you can gently push down again.
Aeropress coffee maker
Aeropress coffee makers are overall pretty easy to use


Aeropress is a great option for many people out there. This includes those at home, those on-the-go, or those that just enjoy a good cup of coffee!

Is Aeropress not for you? Maybe a French Press method is more your style.

Another addition to the Aeropress that would be awesome is the new Prismo by Fellow Products.

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