Driftaway Coffee is the easy, great way to have cold brew at home

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This cold brew coffee makes some of the best cold brew (not iced coffee)I have ever had. Whether that be home made, or bought in store.

Driftaway Coffee is a subscription model coffee company. They offer standard coffee, cold brew coffee, and kits for both styles as well.

Packaging of drift away coffee
The Driftaway bag, and box both had a cool look to them. Simple, but looked great.

So what else is great about it?

This coffee is shipped within 48 hours of roasting. This means that it is incredibly fresh by the time it gets to you. Most coffee sitting on store shelves have been sitting there, in the back of the truck, or at a distributer for a really long time.

You also can get your favorite style of cold brew after trying it with this kit. If you like the bold, get the bold. If you like the bright, get the bright!

It’s easy to make

One of the big downsides of making your own cold brew from scratch at home is the difficulty. My normal way of making it is by putting loose grounds in a french press and letting them soak.

Issue with this is the mess that it makes, meaning I have to clean every part of the french press after making the coffee.

With the Driftaway Coffee packets, all I have to clean is the glass container. The process is much like making a cup of tea, and is just as easy. Just with a bigger packet.

Driftaway Coffee tastes amazing

At this point I have had quite a few different types of cold brew coffee. With the Driftaway Coffee I was highly highly impressed by it’s quality of taste.

It is much better than what I would make at home, and better than what I could get at Starbucks (even the nitro cold brew), or at the grocery store in the drinks aisle.

3 bags of Driftaway coffee
My Driftaway subscription came with 3 packets that make 2 cups of coffee each

So with that, I stand that as of this writing. This cold brew is the best cold brew I have personally had. I believe it can justify it’s price to many out there.

Pouring coffee into cup
Pouring out the cold brew into the cup

Who is this subscription coffee cold brew for

This coffee is great for those that want to make coffee at home, and are willing to spend a bit more to have the ease of the coffee being in bags, as well as having it shipped right to their door.

It is also for those that want good quality coffee. This is roasted and shipped to the customer super quickly, and tastes awesome.

The subscription came with 3 different bags
Driftaway coffee bags

Who is Driftaway Coffee Cold Brew not for

I find that the cost of this cold brew is a bit expensive for what it is, however it is delicious, and I know it definitely has a market.

I personally am not a huge fan of coffee pods because they tend to be more expensive than other types of coffee makers. For the same reason, I think many people will find the expense to be a bit much, as each packet makes two cups of coffee.

Cold brew not your thing? Maybe look into making some french press coffee.

Only issue I had

There was only one issue I had with the whole experience. My first bag ripped at the top seam when I was reviewing it. That said, I was filming, and tapping the bag during the review, and moved it around a lot. I highly doubt that this would be an issue for anyone with normal usage.


As mentioned before, this product isn’t for everyone. Some people just want a simple cup of coffee in the morning, others want to try out all different types of coffee.

If this coffee is for you, well, might be worth a try! It’s awesome, because they recently started selling their coffee without a subscription.