Top 3 Best Standing Desks You Can Buy From Costco

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A standing desk is a must for me. It helps keep my shoulders and back from cramping up, and gives me a new perspective throughout the day.

Before we get started with the specific desks I recommend at Costco, let’s first discuss what I look at when shopping for a desk. I have used a couple different types of desks and only one style of standing desk is what I would recommend. And it has these features!

Best standing desk at Costco

Adjustable height desk

Having an adjustable height top is imperative. This allows you to move your monitors, and whatever you want from a sitting position, to the standing position.

There are some standing desks that are non adjustable, and this means you have to completely move desks when you want to sit back down.

Dedicated desk

Some standing desk options will sit on top of an existing desk that you own. Outside of the aesthetic issues I have with these, these tend to waste space, and you can’t fit many desk accessories like my Foreverspin.

Having a desk that completely raises up and down allows for your whole workspace to be the same, whether in it’s standing or sitting state.

Has to be easy to switch from standing to sitting

There are quite a few desks out there that are really difficult to adjust from standing, to sitting. If it isn’t easy, you will find that you just won’t do it. Then you find yourself in a weird spot where you are uncomfortable, but just not quite uncomfortable enough to adjust the height again.

I generally will switch heights on my desk 2-3 times a day, so having to pull a pin from the two legs and lift it up, then trying to fit the pins back into the legs by myself just doesn’t quite work.

Having a crank, or an electronic motor is perfect.

With that all out of the way, lets see what desks are recommended!

1. Tresanti Adjustable Height Desk

The Tresanti Adjustable Height Desk fits into every aspect of what I shop for.

It has 4 programmable heights that it is able to go to via an electric motor. Can raise from 29.5 inches, to 47 inches.


  • Dimensions: 47.3” wide x 25.5” deep x 29.5” high
  • Weight: 84.7 lbs.


  • It checks every box that I would consider when buying a standing desk
  • Cool buttons integrated flush to the top of the desk
  • Least expensive option for this type of desk on Costco’s website
  • Includes a drawer build into the desk
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Goes 2 inches higher than the other units on this list


  • I personally don’t like the glass desktop, I feel like it would get dirty quickly. That’s never fun when you are working.

2. Drive 30″ x 60″ Digital Curved Height Adjustable Table

This desk takes a more simple styling approach to the standing desk. It electronically adjusts, has 4 programmable settings, and you can choose from white, black, light brown, or dark brown.

The defining characteristic of this desk is that it curves in on the front of the desk, this allows you to get closer to the desk, which can offer a more comfortable work experience.


  • 59.2” wide x 29.5” deep x 28.1” – 45’’ high
  • 117 lbs


  • Electronically lifts
  • Great color choices, and good material for a desk
  • Physical push buttons under the desk top


  • Is rather heavy

3. Harrington Height Adj Desk, Bookcase & File

Alright, so most people won’t go with this option. However it is just cool! You don’t see many standing desks out there that still have the older style look to them.

This set comes with a standing desk, a book case, and a file cabinet. So it’s going to be your complete set.

The desk itself has 3 drawers, has an electronic motor, and carries a 5 year warranty.


  • 60″ wide x 30″ – 45″ high x 28″ deep
  • Weight: Unknown


  • You can’t beat the old style aesthetics of this desk and office set
  • Has 3 drawers, and a charging tray
  • From what I can tell, it is a real wood top


  • Expensive, if you want something that you can get less expensive, it’s worth looking into other options


And there you have it! I highly recommend a standing desk, I enjoy mine, and if you shop at Costco, there are some great options for you to own!