How To Make Cold Brew With A French Press

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Cold brew is a relatively more modern style of drinking coffee (no its not iced coffee), or at least it is more recently popular. Because of this not many people have a dedicated cold brew coffee maker in their home!

So what happens when you don’t have the right coffee maker, but you still want cold brew? Then don’t look any further than using your french press!

The below steps give you a concentrate, and I recommend adding some milk or water to it. However you can drink it in concentrate form as well!

Let’s dig right into how to make cold brew from your french press.

Step 1

Measure out 4 ounces of your favorite coffee

Step 2

Measure out 3 cups of water

Step 3

Stir all the contents together into your french press

Step 4

Put the top of the french press on and press down the plunger to just the top of the coffee grounds. Don’t push it below the surface.

Step 5

Let it sit on your counter for 16 hours

Step 6

When everything is extracted, serve and add milk or water! (I prefer milk).

Pros of making cold brew in french press

  • Easy way to make your favorite cold brew coffee
  • Really inexpensive, much more so than buying at the store, or using pre-made packets
  • More of a cold brew characteristic, but it is less acidic
  • Makes a decent amount of coffee, enough for multiple people

Cons of making cold brew in french press

  • It can prove to be quite mess, especially in the cleanup


This is a great way to make your cold brew coffee! I would personally prefer a cold brew coffee maker, or Driftaway’s style of giant tea bags to make cold brew, however this is a great option if you don’t have any other option! You could even try it without a subscription now.

Making it with premade packets even hard for you? The FrankOne can make it in 4 minutes!