Different Types of Coffee Makers: The Buyers Guide To Coffee

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Buying a coffee maker is a lot more difficult than most people would think. Until semi recently, I thought a $10 coffee maker from Walmart was really no different than anything else out there on the market! So why would I spend more, for the same result.

It turns out, that is completely untrue, and buying the right coffee maker for yourself will get you the taste of coffee that you want! It also means you can save money by not needing to go to your local coffee shop, because you can make coffee you enjoy right at home!

The purpose of this post is not to really go too in depth on how to make coffee, but I’ll be linking to the methods throughout the post! This post is more of a buyers guide to show you all the different types of coffee makers that there are, and help you not overlook something you might have enjoyed, but just didn’t know about.

The Electric Drip Coffee Maker

Electric drip coffee makers
[Images courtesy of Barisieur, Chemex, and Ratio Coffee]

This is more than likely the main style of coffee maker that most people have in their kitchen! Most of them will have a glass container that sits on a burner, and coffee is brewed into it.

There isn’t anything wrong with that! However there are so many other styles of coffee makers that you may not be aware of.

This includes expensive alarm clock style coffee makers like the Barisieur, or maybe Chemex’s version of the coffee maker that perfectly simulates a pour over. The Ratio Eight is another favorite of mine, and is bit of a different take, but is similar to the Chemex.

The FrankOne is not quite a coffee maker, and is more along the lines of a pressure coffee style, but it is automated and would appeal to the same crowd.

Then there is of course my daily driver, the Ninja Coffee Bar! For the price, it does really well.

How it works

The coffee maker drips water over top of the grounds, and automatically helps the water extract the coffee flavor from the grounds. It then makes it’s way down into a cup or carafe.

Pour-Over Drip Coffee Makers

Pour over coffee makers
[Right Image courtesy of Fellow Products]

In the Pour-Over drip coffee makers market, there are a ton of different styles. However for the most part, they all do the same thing!

As I have mentioned before, the Chemex is the one that most people will notice, and would highly recommend that one! However Bodum, and Fellow Products also make some great options as well.

How it works

Pour over coffee makers actually work a lot like a normal coffee maker (or is it the other way around?) where hot water is slowly dripped over top of the grounds in a filter. Once the coffee is extracted, it makes its way into a cup or carafe.

French Press

French Press Coffee Maker

You more than likely have a French Press in your kitchen at this moment! It is kinda one of those things you end up with, and don’t really remember how.

It creates one of my favorite styles of coffee and gives a great taste overall!

You can find these in many different places, and honestly, they all pretty much work the same.

Most people will easily be able to find one at Starbucks, or TJ Maxx. As for Brand names, Bodum, or OXO are great well-known options to look into!

How it works

The French Press uses the immersion method. Basically it soaks coffee in hot water for a short period of time, then you push the plunger to the bottom and sift out the coffee grounds.

Pressure Coffee Makers

Aeropress and Moka Pot Pressure Coffee Makers
[Left image courtesy of Aeropress]

This is a fun category! There aren’t a ton of options out there, however the process is really involved and enjoyable.

The first, most obvious option is the Aeropress, and while there are a few steps, is pretty easy to use!

I mentioned it a little earlier in the post, however the FrankOne also falls into this category. It uses the same pressure principals as the Aeropress, but is automated. It can make cold brew in 4 minutes, or a cup of hot coffee in 30 seconds.

The last option is going to be the Moka Pot! I recently purchased one of these for myself and it has been a lot of fun to use. You can learn how to use it here, because if you use it wrong the coffee doesn’t quite turn out right.

Moka Pots are made by brands like Bialetti, and mine is made by Pezzetti. However for the most part, if you find one, it probably will work. As they are a pretty simple idea.

How it works

Pressure builds up in the chamber with water. It then pushes through the grounds quickly, and extracts the flavor. Because it pressurizes, it gives an almost espresso taste to it.


I am excited to have this article, because it details so many options for anyone to buy. Probably didn’t know there were so many different ways to make coffee eh?

This article will continue to grow as I learn more, and find more coffee makers out there.

Overall, if you want to get a good coffee maker on a budget, I would probably recommend saving up around $100, if you can’t do that, a pour over option would be your best bet!

Another great article to read on this topic, is this one, where I detail my favorite 7 coffee makers I found in 2019.