The New FrankOne Coffee Maker Is A Fast, Portable, And Quick Way To Make Coffee

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I’m a big fan of coffee makers that make a good single cup of coffee. I also enjoy many different types of coffee, including cold brew, and standard drip.

That said, it isn’t often I find a coffee maker that does so many different things.

Enter the FrankOne Coffee Maker. This coffee maker is portable, makes both cold brew and standard coffee. Is battery operated, easy to use, and looks great.

FrankOne coffee maker with cups
[Image courtesy of Frank de Paula]

Cold Brew

Alright, so I really enjoy cold brew, and is my go-to choice for cold coffee in general. The one downside, is that it takes about 16 hours to make a good cup of it.

The FrankOne is offering a coffee maker, that due to a patented design, cuts this down to 4 minutes.

I’ll be really interested to see the taste of this coffee, when the FrankOne comes out in November.

Hot Coffee

Of course the FrankOne also makes a standard drip style cup of coffee. The awesome thing, is that it does it in 30 seconds.

FrankOne close up
[Image courtesy of Frank de Paula]

Other Things To Know

No filters are needed for this coffee maker, as it comes with reusable filters.

The battery that charges in 2 hours can make up to 200 cups of coffee. Making this perfect for trips, and will likely not need to be charged until well after you are back.

Frank de Paula, the brand providing the FrankOne offers little risk in purchasing the product by giving, 14 day return period, and free UPS shipping. Their warranty is a little less than expected at 1 year warranty.


  • Super portable
  • Easy to use
  • Capable of multiple functions
  • No filters needed
  • Battery Operated


  • Only one year warranty
  • Can’t brew more than 14 ounces

Who is this for

The FrankOne is for those on the go, or for those that only have one person drinking coffee in a household. If you fit in these categories this may be the perfect coffee maker for you!

FrankOne cold brew
[Image courtesy of Frank de Paula]

With it being a portable size, it can be stowed away in an apartment kitchen, or into your luggage so you can have hot coffee, or cold brew at a moments notice.

For my personal purposes, this unit would work well, as I am the only one drinking coffee, and drink both cold brew and hot coffee.

This probably wouldn’t work well for people that need to make 3-4 cups of coffee for multiple people.


It really is awesome seeing a lot of cool coffee makers being made on the market. This unit kinda reminds me a bit of the artistic design of the Barisieur coffee alarm clock.

Packaging for coffee maker
[Image courtesy of Frank de Paula]

If everything goes as planned, I think the FrankOne will be controlling its niche market of portable electric coffee makers, and also the market of cold brew coffee.

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