The Stealth Economy Gun Safes Bring A Great Value

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Stealth has been growing very quickly over the past couple of years. They started with just a couple small handgun safes, and have been adding to their inventory of great, but inexpensive products ever since.

Recently they launched two new products that I think will go over quite well! The Economy safes EGS23 and EGS14.

EGS14 with door closed, and open
The EGS14 is a small bu great safe [Images courtesy of Stealth Tactical]

These safes are very much catering to the bottom of the range of safes, like Cannon and Stack-On, however with Stealth’s idea of making quality for a low price, I have no concerns that this won’t be a great product for the price.

What they offer

The Stealth Economy Gun Safes offer a ton of great features for their price, so let’s see what those features are.

30 Minute Fire Rating

30 minutes is pretty industry standard, nothing to brag about, but it gets the job done. You will find similar fire ratings on other safes in this price range.

14 gauge steel

This is actually a pretty decent gauge of steel in this price point. Liberty’s Centurion has this thickness of steel, and there are a few others out there with similar for the price point.

EGS23 with door closed, and open
The EGS23 is the larger sibling of the two safes [Images courtesy of Stealth]

Door panel organizer

I doubt we will ever find a stealth full size safe without a door panel organizer, as they make some of the best ones in the market. They are quality, work well, and are offered at a great price.

I’m very glad to see them included in these safes.

Electronic Lock

For the price of these safes, an electronic lock is about what you will find on any other safes. This one is advertised as a UL Listed Type 1 Electronic lock. I can’t quite tell from the images, but it appears to be a SecuRAM basic lock, which is a great choice!

Full Specifications


  • EGS14: 55″ High by 20″ Wide by 17″ Deep (without handle and e-lock)
  • EGS23: 59″ High by 24″ Wide by 18″ Deep (without handle and e-lock)
  • The safe has a 30 minute fire rating
  • Weight: 210 pounds
  • UL approved type 1 e-lock
  • Both the door, and body of the safe are 14 gauge
  • 6, 1″ steel locking bolts
  • The door has a hardplate with Relocker
  • Black three spoke handle
  • The exterior of the safe is a flat black finish
Stealth Economy Gun Safe electrical panel
[Image courtesy of Stealth]


  • EGS14: 52″ High by 17″ Wide by 11″ Deep
  • EGS23: 56″ High by 21″ Wide by 12″ Deep
  • The interior is able to handle 14 guns
  • Intumescent door seal that expands
  • Outlet kit
  • Door panel kit with accessories
  • A single adjustable shelf, and a gun rack are included
  • Mounting hardware to bolt the safe down are included, as well as 4 bolt down holes in the bottom


  • 2 Year Warranty


These safes are definitely worth a look. Stealth makes some great products, and sells them at a great price. A lot of the accessories you’ll find in this safe, you would only find in much higher end safes.