Snapsafe Titan Modular Gun Safes Review | The Ultimate Guide

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Owning a gun safe is imperative when you also own firearms, it keeps you, your family, and everyone that visits your home safe (no pun intended). However what happens when you move regularly, or are in the military, or live up or down stairs?

That is where the Snapsafe Titan Safes come into play! These are take-apart safes that can be bolted together in minutes, and easily packed up and moved without requiring a moving company. They are also one of the few modular safes that have a great fire rating!

What is the Snapsafe Titan?

Exploded view of the Modular Snapsafe Titan [Image courtesy of Snapsafe]

The Snapsafe Titan series is most well known for its ability to be torn down, and put back together, creating a completely modular gun safe.

These safes come in pieces on a pallet, and then are carried into the home, then put together in the desired spot.

This means you don’t have to spend extra money on hiring a moving company to put together your gun safe.

This also makes it ideal for those needing to put a safe into an apartment, second story, or down in the basement where it is difficult to move a standard welded safe (especially upstairs).


All 4 versions of the Snapsafe Titan Safes all carry the following specifications:

  • Fire Rating: 1 hour at 2300 degrees
  • Steel Thickness: Walls are 9 gauge, achieved by 2 layers of 14 gauge steel. The door is a 3/16” steel plate
  • Locking Mechanism: SecuRAM electronic lock with key backup
  • Additional Features: Heat activated door fire seals, re-locker, adjustable lined shelves, mounting holes in the bottom of the safe.
  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

Different versions of the Titan Series

Snapsafe SafeWeightCapacityBolt CountHeight/Width/Depth
Snapsafe Titan400 lbs12 guns859/22/17.5
Snapsafe Super Titan550 lbs24 guns859/28/17.5
Snapsafe Super Titan XL660 lbs36 guns1459/38/24
Snapsafe Super Titan XXL900 lbs56 guns1459/46/30

1. Snapsafe Titan

The Snapsafe Titan standard version [Image courtesy of Snapsafe]

The standard Snapsafe Titan was the first modular safe that Snapsafe made.

Fun Fact: It used to be a McGunn safe, named after the original inventor of this modular safe.

This one is more meant to be a closet safe (here are some other options as well that will fit in a closet), and can be built entirely on the interior of a closet. 

Because of the design, all of the bolts are on the interior of safe, and not the exterior, so you are able to put it together in confined spaces.

Below are some specifications specific to the standard Titan.


  • Exterior Dimensions: 59″ High by 22″ Wide by 17.5″ Deep
  • Interior Dimensions: 55.125″ High by 17″ Wide by 14.5″ Deep
  • Weight: 400 pounds
  • Locking Bolts: 8
  • Long Gun Capacity: 12 guns

How much does it cost?

The Titan’s price on Snapsafe’s website is $1559.00 at the time of this writing, however I see it in the lower $1200s at different retailers.

Competitors to this safe

Some of the Snapsafe Titan’s competitors would be the Browning Sporter 20, the Steelwater GSSW592216, and the Sports Afield SA5924. On the Modular safe side, the most obvious competitor would the the SecureIt Agile 52.

The Snapsafe Titan also has a Ruger branded version of the safe. However, I don’t see it for sale anymore.

2. Snapsafe Super Titan

The Snapsafe Super Titan grows in size, but keeps the same door [Image courtesy of Snapsafe]

The Super Titan is a step above the standard Titan.

It still maintains the original Titan’s style of door (not double door) and grows in width by quite a lot! It also added about 150 pounds.

It still obviously maintains the modular design and is nearly as easy to put together!

The front and back of the safe though become a bit heavier than the standard version.


  • Exterior Dimensions: 59” High by 38” Wide by 17.5” Deep
  • Interior Dimensions: 53.5” High by 33” Wide by 14.5” Deep
  • Door Opening: 52″ High by 14.75” Wide
  • Weight: 550 pounds
  • Locking Bolts: 8
  • Capacity: 24 or more Long Guns

How much does it cost?

Snapsafe’s website states $2049.00, however I was able to find it in the low $1400s on some sites online.

Competitors to the Super Titan

The Super Titan’s main competitors are the Dakota Interloc XP, Kodiak KB5940ECX, and Browning Rawhide 33 Standard. All of these safes are similar pricing, and capacity. However handle the storage of your firearms very differently.

Best Modular

3. Snapsafe Super Titan Double Door XL

Snapsafe Double Door XL has 2 doors hinged on each side [Image courtesy of Snapsafe]

This is the smallest size of Snapsafe that has two doors.

I personally think you should upgrade to the XXL, because well, it’s bigger, and it’s still modular.


If you are needing this smaller safe for a specific space, or have another limitation, this is still an awesome safe!

This has all of the specifications of the larger safe, like the great locking mechanism, high quality thick steel, and the fire rating you would expect from one of these safes, just a bit less size.


  • External Dimensions: 59″ High by 38″ Wide by 24″ Deep
  • Interior Dimensions: 53.5″ High by 33″ Wide by 20.5″ Deep
  • Door Opening: 52″ High by 29″ Wide
  • Locking Bolts: 14
  • Weight: 660 pounds
  • Capacity: 36 or more long guns

How much does it cost?

The Double Door XL shows for sale at $2479.00 on Snapsafe’s website. However I have seen it for under $2000.00 elsewhere online.

Competitors to this safe

Other safes that would compare to this one would be the bigger XXL version, the Browning Mark V, the Winchester Ranger 44 or even the Mesa Safes MGL36.

4. Snapsafe Super Titan Double Door XXL

The Snapsafe Super Titan XXL with both doors open [Image courtesy of Snapsafe]

This is one of my favorite safes, like over all favorite safes.

It is a huge safe, that has easy access because of the two doors, and is easily taken into a home. 

It has a great fire rating, steel thickness, and is just over all a great safe to own for the right price.

If I were today going to buy a safe, I think this would be it. It offers a ton of flexibility due to its size, but you can easily access the inside with the double door design.

You of course, can’t beat the fire rating either!


  • Exterior: 59″ High by 46″ Wide by 30″ Deep
  • Interior: 53.5″ High by 41″ Wide by 26.5” Deep
  • Door Opening: 52″ High by 37”W
  • Locking Bolts: 14
  • Weight: 900 pounds
  • Capacity: 56+ Long Guns

How much does it cost?

On Snapsafe’s website this safe is listed at $3099.00 however I have found it for a little under $2500.00.

Competitors to the Super Titan Double Door XXL

Some great competitors to the Double Door XXL would be a Rhino Warthog RW6042X, a Winchester Big Daddy XLT or even a Format DL34

Frequently Asked Questions

How hard is a Snapsafe to put together, and how long does it take?

According to Snapsafe’s site, the standard Titan should take around 30 minutes to put together and the larger versions take from 30 to 60 minutes!

This really isn’t too bad, considering the comparison which is trying to move around a welded full size gun safe.

Can I carry each piece of the safe on my own?

I would probably recommend having someone to help you out when bringing the pieces of the safe inside. However the standard Snapsafe Titan you could probably do yourself.

The heaviest piece on the smallest version is the door, which is 92 pounds. The largest piece on the Super Titan and the XL version is the back panel, being 140 pounds. The XXL’s heaviest piece is also the back panel, but it is 180 pounds.

In the end, it isn’t as heavy as moving a standard safe around 700 pounds, but it can still be heavy for many.

Where is Snapsafe made?

All Snapsafe products that I know of are made in China and imported into the USA.

What is a Hornady Modular Safe?

You probably have stumbled upon the Hornady Modular Gun Safes that look strangely like a Snapsafe eh? Well, they are the same thing.

Hornady purchased Snapsafe a while back, and have their own branded versions of most Snapsafe products.


The Snapsafe Titan gun safes offer a ton of great features, they can be taken apart, they have a great fire rating, they have thick steel, great warranty and so much more.

The Snapsafe Titan , Super Titan, Super Titan XL (Double Door), and Super Titan XXL (Double Door) are some of my favorite safes on the market due to their unique nature, and the features that appeal to a wide range of people.

You will also find these safes on my overall best gun safes article here!

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  1. From what I see Snap safes are far from 9 gauge. The sides and bends are 14 with another 14 gauge interior piece lightly tack welded on top.

    Makes me wonder about the other details… bolt work, fire rating……

    1. Good evening, you are correct. I have adjusted the article to reflect how it is advertised on Snapsafe’s website. They advertise it as “a 2-piece welded steel plate construction”.

      I do still believe the Snapsafe Titan series is a great value though. It provides a lot of things that many other manufacturers just can’t and is a great option for many people.

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