Top 11 Best Gun Safe Accessories In 2023

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Gun safes are really nothing without their accessories.

The best of these accessories can range range from different types of shelves, to pistol pockets, to a dehumidifier and more. This guide is meant to help you find exactly what you need, or may not need in your safe.

Assuming you are looking to purchase a gun safe, you will want to make sure to get the best accessories for your gun safe!

That way you can have the best experience possible while filling up and using your gun safe when it arrives.

Let’s take a look at what you might want to get and think about when you are buying your safe!

Our FavoritesProductRating
Best Rod DehumidifierGoldenrod Dehumidifier5
Best Cheap LightingSnapsafe LED Light Bar3.5
Best Way To Store FirearmsPistol Handgun Hangers5
Best Anchor KitLiberty Safe Anchor Kit5
Best Gun Safe ModificationSecureIt Gun Safe Retrofit Kit4.5

1. Dehumidifier

Desiccant block by Browning! [Photo courtesy of Browning]

A Dehumidifier is imperative to pretty much any air tight safe.

These work in a couple different ways depending on what type you get.

However the general idea is to keep condensation from settling on your rifles.

Pro Tip: Before you make the decision on which one you are going to buy, each type of dehumidifier has different sizes that it can manage. So if you need a larger gun safe, you need a larger dehumidifier.


These types of dehumidifiers are great, because for the most part you don’t have to think about them, and they don’t generate heat. Not generating heat means you don’t have to run power into your safe, and you also don’t have to worry about heat being generated in an unseen part of your home.

The desiccant comes in a couple different forms, however they all work about the same way.

This one right here would probably work great for most people.

Rod dehumidifier

These rod dehumidifiers work by heating up the interior of a safe just enough to now allow for condensation to form.

These are extremely popular and are also awesome because you just plug them in, and let them sit, never having to think about them again.

Brands that most people will recognizer is this one from GoldenRod, or this one from Liberty Safes.


Finally, one of my favorite types of dehumidifiers is the rechargeable dehumidifiers. These are electronic, but don’t need to be constantly plugged in. This makes it perfect for people that don’t have a safe equipped with a dehumidifier hole, or don’t have a plug nearby to the safe.

By far, my favorite brand and unit is this one by Eva-Dry, which is one of the best.

A couple different versions are the rechargeable ones (I recommend considering the Eva-Dry series), plug in versions (Browning makes some great ones!) and then there are the desiccant blocks (Browning also makes some of these).

2. Lighting kits

Lighting kits are great for seeing your safe at night [Photo courtesy of Browning]

If you have ever owned a gun safe, you have probably found that it can be extremely difficult to see the back of your safe.

Many manufacturers have added light kits to the back of their safes, and like Fort Knox, a mirror to the back to shine light throughout the safe.

However if you already have a safe, but just need more light, you can always buy aftermarket kits!

These kits can range from full out kits that go all the way around the door like the one pictured above, or that you can find here

Alternatively there are also less expensive options like this single bar unit from Snapsafe that is also a great option.

3. Long Gun Organization

Let’s be honest, you are buying this huge gun safe, or currently own a gun safe to fit as many rifles into the safe as possible.

If you are staying with a standard interior of a safe, and don’t plan on modifying it, I can’t recommend anything better than Gun Storage Solutions’s Rifle Rods.

These little rods make rifles stand straight up, instead of leaning, meaning you can fit so many (like a lot more) rifles in your safe. You can buy a kit right here.

4. Pistol Organization

If you are looking to organize your gun safe to allow for more pistols in your safe, there are a couple great options!

Much like what we just learned above for rifle solutions, Gun Storage Solutions has some other awesome options for modifying your safe to allow for more pistol storage in your safe.

You can find a great inexpensive, name brand kit right here for them!

Another great way to solve this problem, especially if you don’t already have a door panel organizer on your safe are these pistol pockets from Stealth Tac.

5. Door Panel Organizer

[Photo courtesy of Browning]

Why gun safes don’t all come with a door panel organizer is beyond me… considering even Browning’s entry level Sporter Series has it, however if you have found a safe you really like but it doesn’t come with a door organizer.

I highly recommend checking out Stealth Tactical’s Door Panels, Browning also has some great options!

Either way, if your safe doesn’t currently have a door panel installed, I would definitely recommend taking a look at one of these options.

6. Night time access to gun safe

There isn’t much use in having a gun safe if you can’t get into it quickly at night!

Because of this, you want to make sure you have a great night light above your lock that will quickly illuminate the lock while you are trying to access it.

The well known brand, Liberty Safe offers a great version right here.

Cannon also has a great option that you can find right here.

7. Gun safe tampering alerts

Yeah these exist. Want to be alerted if someone is messing with your safe while you are gone? You can equip your gun safe with a system that will notify you on your phone whenever you have someone trying to access it without permission.

The top name in the industry, and the one that has been around the longest is the SafeLert system by Liberty Safes. You can find a great price here.

There is also a new brand of this out there right now! It’s called “The Puck” and can actually be used for a ton of different purposes, one of which is to keep your safe secure.

You can find the Puck right here, or if you want to learn more, you can watch the video embedded below.

8. Mounting kits

[Photo courtesy of Browning]

If you own, or want to own a full size gun safe, you need to make sure you are bolting down the safe to whatever surface you are sitting it on.

Because of the weight of a safe, it tends to be front heavy, meaning it can tip over. The last thing you want is this safe on top of you, or someone you love.

Secondly, an anchor kit also makes it much more difficult to steal a safe. Surprisingly, the easiest way to break into a safe is by removing it from the home and then prying the door open off site.

Honestly, you can go down to your local hardware store and get everything you need to do the job right with this. However if you want to make your life easier, you can buy kits online for this!

As usual, Liberty Safe has a great option you can buy for a really low price. It should get the job done! You can find that kit here.

Pro Tip: If you want to learn other ways thieves try to get into safes, and how to stop them, this article may be of interest.

9. Hiding your safe

One of the best ways to now allow someone to break into your safe, is if that person never even knows that you have a safe.

Because of this, Amsec has come up with a really strange way of doing this… a gun safe cloak. You basically put it over top of your safe, and it makes it look like something else. You can find out more about that here.

Alternatively, you can hide your safe out of sight! One great way of doing this is to get a safe that you can hide in a closet. Read more about how to do that in this article I wrote.

Finally, diversion safes are a great way to achieve this! These safes are meant to look like something else, and this is what gives it security. This article here gives you some great options.

10. Drawer systems

This one isn’t so much of an accessory that you can add after the fact, however there are some awesome options out there if you want drawer systems.

American Security has some awesome drawers you can buy, and you will find them here.

You can also build your own gun safe full of drawers if you buy yourself a Fort Knox safe. Read more about them here.

All of that said! There is one manufacturer that you can easily buy new drawer system for, and that is Browning! Their Axis system is awesome, and allows you to build out your interior exactly the way you want.

You can build your Browning gun safe here!

11. Retrofit panels

So you have a safe, and really, really don’t like the interior of it. Did you know that you can completely change the layout of the gun safe?

SecureIt has created a retrofit package that allows you to remove all of your interior, and revamp it with their panels.

This will make your interior very similar to their Model 52 (and 40).

You can find these panels for a really great price here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are gun safe accessories universal?

Most gun safe accessories can be used in any safe! There are of course exceptions. For example, Browning’s Axis accessories will only work in Browning safes made in the USA.

Do I need gun safe accessories?

No, you don’t have to have gun safe accessories. If you want to buy your safe first, then slowly add onto it, that will work as well!

Accessories will just make your safe better, and more usable for different purposes.

How much do gun safe accessories cost?

Gun safe accessories can range heavily! However for the basic ones, you can buy them for $5.00 or even $10.00. Of course they can also range over $100.00.

Where are gun safe accessories made?

Most gun safe accessories are made in China, and then imported into the USA to be sold. This is mainly because of cost. Many people won’t buy an expensive accessory, so it makes more sense to keep costs down.


A gun safe is nothing without its accessories! You wouldn’t be able to store anything, light up anything, or enjoy your investment nearly to the point that you can.

I hope this article has pointed you in the right direction of a couple things that you may want to get for your new safe.

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