The Mission Belt Review: A High Quality Useful Belt

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I think it should be mentioned that I really don’t like wearing belts. However I do like wearing this canvas style Mission Belt! It solves really all of the issues I have with a standard belt!

The Mission Belt lineup is a ratchet style belt that can easily adjust to any size, at any time, easily. It doesn’t have any holes that can wear out, and it doesn’t have any teeth that chew up the belt and make it look old. This belt is simple, and fixes all of my issues that I have with a standard belt.

Please note: This belt was sent out to me for no cost to review by the manufacturer. However all thoughts and opinions are my own. Enjoy!

I really like the style and design of the buckle

So what is so great about a Mission Belt?

I think the best way to give you an idea of why I like this belt is to go over why I don’t like normal belts, and explain how the Mission Belt fixes that.

Normal belt holes get damaged

One of the biggest issues with a belt, is that the holes tend to get damaged over time. There really isn’t any way around that with a normal belt, and really becomes an issue when you have to adjust to another hole… as the damaged hole is now exposed and easily seen.

With this reviewed belt though, it doesn’t use holes! Instead it uses a ratcheting system that is built into the back. These means there aren’t any holes to be damaged, or to be seen at all. Not only does it keep the look clean, it also keeps damage from being able to happen.

The issue with never being the right size.

It ratchets on these really cool rails

The next issue, and definitely one of the biggest, is a normal belt never seems to be quite the right size. One hole makes the belt too large, the next one up hurts you… and this is because there is only a hole every inch or so, which surprisingly is a rather large difference.

With this belt, no matter what time of day, or how much you just ate you can just ratchet it into place where you are most comfortable and call it good! 

Other belts can’t adjust with you

Now this one is similar to the issue above, however I just want to continue pointing out that this belt can completely grow, or shrink depending on the weight you are currently at. This means you don’t have to buy a belt whenever you change, it just changes with you.

Storing them is always so difficult

The hanger was a nice surprise, I actually use it

Belts are such a pain to store, because even when you roll them up nicely, they just explode back into their normal shape! This means it is incredibly difficult to keep them where you want, and they always tend to just end up in the bottom of your closet, forgotten and alone.

Now this one actually surprised me, and I didn’t even realize it was going to get solved when I got this belt! After opening the package, there was a hanger included. At first I thought it was just for use in the store, and then I realized it was meant for use at home! 

This hanger ratchets quickly into the belt buckle, and allows you to be able to hang your belt with the rest of your clothes!

It never looks the way you want it

Now this one is up for a bit of a debate, however belts never quite look the way I want them to. I either want that buckle, but not that belt, or the other way around. So I just never feel like they are just right.

When you purchase a Mission Belt, you can choose the material, then the color, and then the buckle. This means you can have exactly what you want! My personal choice was the Canvas, Stone Gray belt with the swat black buckle. Pardon me for not saying the size I chose though…

Other thoughts on these points

This is what the Mission Belt Buckle looks like on both sides

It does have to be mentioned, that not every belt out there uses holes to keep the belt tight. However those other options either tend to loosen up throughout the day because they aren’t actually kept in place by a hard surface. 

There is also another option that uses teeth to grip onto the belt, however that is very harsh, and means you can only have a fabric material.

So what don’t I like about the Mission Belt so far?

No product is perfect, and I always like to mention any downsides that I see when reviewing products, even if I really like them. With this one, I do have to nitpick to find issues, but they should be mentioned.

The cost

These belts will run you around $35 or so, depending on what you choose. Belts can be found for a much cheaper cost, if you are open to dealing with the issues mentioned further up in this article.

That said, there are also much more expensive belts out there, and the quality of a Mission Belt definitely is on par for what you are paying.

I really like the canvas belt that I chose

The lever is a bit difficult to press

Now, this is the only usability issue I have had at all with this belt. Every once in a while when I need to remove the buckle, I find I have to definitely put some effort into getting the button to push to release the buckle.

This by no means is a huge deal, but maybe in a future version it can be made just a bit easier. However this issue really is probably just the same difficulty as having to get a normal belt buckle to release.


  • Tons of choices
  • Great quality
  • Huge range of adjustability
  • No holes to get damaged
  • Extremely easy storage


  • Semi-high cost
  • Every once in a while, it has some difficult operation

So who are these belts best for?

These belts are for those who are annoyed with the current belt selection that is out there today. They want an easier, more durable, and better looking belt to use every day.

If you like your current belts, awesome, this probably isn’t for you! If you are like me, and don’t wear belts because they are annoying, this is probably for you.

How much do these belts cost?

These belts have a standard price of around $35, however they can go up to $75 or so for a premium version. Or if you just want the belt, and not the buckle because you already have one at home, it would be around $20. 

It is a reasonable price for what you are getting out of this belt!

Mission Belt Warranty

These belts are warrantied for up to 1 year for manufacture defect. In my opinion, due to the manner of this type of belt, I wish this was a bit longer, as that tends to show me the confidence they have in this product. However with little to no research, I’m going to be that is the standard warranty in this space.

Where to buy mission belt?

At the moment, it looks like you can either buy a Mission Belt on their website, or on Amazon. I am sure as they continue to grow, they will be able to be sold in other places. Maybe this review will convince a few?

Mission belt on shark tank

Alright, I admit it. I actually found Mission Belt originally by watching Shark Tank! They were on Season 4, episode 23 and were successfully able to get an investment from Daymond John invested $50,000 for 37.5% of the company.

It seems Daymond is likely very happy he made the investment, as it found its way onto this list of his 5 best Shark Tank deals found on this article on CNBC.


So there you have it! I feel like the Mission Belt is perfect for those who don’t like belts. It fixes most, if not all of the issues that normal belts have, in a non gimmicky way that is actually practical.

They follow this up with quality, and an awesome mission behind them.

If you don’t like belts, or have issues with normal belts, you should definitely buy one of these and give it a try. They do have a 60 day return policy, so it is relatively risk free!

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