How heavy are camper shells really?

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For heavy vehicle drivers, one of their topmost considerations for their vehicle is their safety. One of the accessories related to a truck’s safety or heavy build is a camper shell, aka Truck topper or Truck cap. It is a small housing type or rigid canopy used as a coupe utility accessory. This accessory is usually made of aluminum or fiberglass, but in some rare cases, it is made out of wood or canvas too.

These camper shells are mounted atop the truck’s rear bed. They usually cover the entire bed of the truck and are also large enough to be used for various purposes, such as camping, etc. With these truck toppers or camper shells, a truck can somewhat be converted into an RV.

The top of a camper shell can be used in both ways, with or without the top on the truck bed. Even though the ideal purpose of a camper shell is for the truck to be used for camping related purposes but most often, it is also used for utility and storage purposes too. Along with this, they are also used to provide protection to the cargo from external elements as well as theft.

How heavy are camper shells, aka truck toppers?

To start with the weight specifics, the standard size of camper shell or truck topper usually weighs around 300 pounds. This standard weight is considered light in the automobile industry. This makes it an ideal choice for considerably heavy vehicles as well as medium-sized trucks.

Along with this, these camper shells also happen to provide a certain level of height-related clearance to the owners for the purpose of keeping cargo and more. On the other hand, a couple of feet of space can be added vertically with high-risen truck toppers. This helps the owners in avoiding an awkward bump on the top of the shell which occurs because of keeping excess cargo in the given space.

Along with this, camper shells can also be customized by the owners with another accessory known as roof racks. All kinds of cargo that could not have been able to fit within the truck bed is mounted on these racks. Extra and heavy cargo kept on the top can lead to an increased weight of the entire camper shell but without that, the camper shell is made with a lot of consideration regarding the overall weight put by it on the vehicle.

A lot of thought is put into this as the imbalanced weight of the camper shell can otherwise lead to mishaps on the road. These truck toppers are quite inexpensive in comparison with the slide-in camper shells. Since the weight of a standard camper shell is so low, a driver can securely mount, and stock if needed, and drive around with it.

Furthermore, unlike standard slide-in camper shells, a truck topper’s incredibly lightweight and profile is another reason why even a standard mid-size camper shell can be handled easily. Along with this, they are absolutely effective and efficient.

Camper shells can also prove to be amazing sleeping setups for travelers. These setups are quite easy and handy to put up. Unlike slide-in camper shells, these truck toppers can be easily mounted and dismounted, both. This proves to be one of the greatest benefits of owning a standard camper shell for a truck. When used correctly, a truck can be a lot more than just a great vehicle. It can be used as a tool for unlimited uses and a camper shell is another accessory that helps it in becoming so.


Camper shells can help the owners in using their trucks in the best of ways possible. With a plethora of variations and choices to opt from, a camper shell helps the owner get the most out of their truck.

Because of certain several important reasons and features, adding a truck topper to your vehicle can enhance your driving experience to great levels. It is advised to all truck drivers to improve the features of their trucks by using the standard camper shells or truck toppers as they will provide the owners with a lot of different options to choose from.