Ram Pickups: The only pickups with storage build into the fenders

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Pickup trucks are some of the amazing vehicles that have impressive towing capabilities and enough storage space. Almost every pickup truck has storing compartments under the seat, on the seat back, or the floor. Some trucks even have extra storage space in the fenders.

The Ram trucks have RamBox which has ample space to store things in the fenders. So, when you ask buyers about the coolest thing on pickup trucks, they will answer that it is the storage space. These pickups are designed in a way to hold a lot of things without un-hitching a trailer.

[Image courtesy of Stellantis]

What makes Ram build pickups with lots of storage space?

Many people have used pickup trucks with the ambition that they are not just cars meant to take them from one place to another. The function of these trucks is more than that. Most people believe that pickups are where they live.

When it comes to utility, people think that a pickup truck has a big bed and they have impressive towing capabilities. However, manufacturers don’t think from that angle. The designers want every portion of the interior can be used for storage space.

What about the RamBoxes in Ram pickup trucks?

The most popular RamBox option is very well-accepted by people who are a fan of Ram pickup trucks. The RamBox runs along the bedside of this pickup truck. Moreover, you can find this option even on their 2019 model.

The RamBoxes are considered storage units and you can find them on both sides of the pickup truck. These are found on the inner walls and outside fenders of the vehicle. The RamBoxes can be locked and unlocked by using a key fob with the tailgate and all four doors.

For the 2019 Ram model, the storage is about 151 liters in the interior. It means about 2×75 liters stacked against the wall. Whereas, the 2018 Ram model has about 105 liters of storage. A close competitor is the new 2019 Ford F-150, but it is quite different from the 2019 Ram.

In short, RamBox is a storage management system build on the fenders on the Ram 1500 2019 model. These boxes have long, deep pockets located on both sides of the truck’s bed. Many large items such as golf clubs or shovels can fit with ease.

The RamBoxes have in-built drains and weatherproof. Moreover, the boxes have lights placed on the inner portion so that you can see things. However, if you need more space, RamBoxes are available with a truck bed extender that can be adjusted and small nets that you can attach to the topmost portion of the storing cubbies.

Why people prefer RamBox for storage in fenders?

[Image courtesy of Stellantis]

The exclusive RamBox is a kind of secured storage box in the fenders of the 2019 Ram model. Both efficient and durable, the RamBoxes allow truck owners to enjoy the benefits of having extra space for storing specialized tools or other important items. It is either available in 5.7 foot or 6.4-foot size suited for one’s need.

The RamBoxes not only provides a convenient location for storing big items, but you can even lock it for added security through the central locking system. You can access the RamBox using the remote keyless entry. The RamBox includes a cargo bed divider and extender, box lighting, and bed rails.

To get an idea about how much space the RamBox has, it can hold up to 140 beverage cans. Also, the Ram 1500 2019 model can hold a significant amount of plywood sheets of 4×8 size. RamBoxes prioritize the cargo space on either side of the fenders.

The boxes are used to store equipment and tools. The RamBoxes can hold larger tools such as fishing rods, pickaxes, rakes, shovels, and other items. Therefore, Ram owners who are looking for extra spaces to store tools and other items prefer RamBox.

Downsides of the RamBox?

The only real downside to the RamBox comes down to bed storage, and bed covers. With the RamBox included on a pickup it actually widens the walls of the side of the pickup, and takes up some of the room in the bed. This also makes it so your standard Tonneau cover will no longer fit.

It’s not the end of the world, and the pros definitely outweigh the cons, but it is a downside.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the RamBox water-resistant?

Yes, the RamBox is water-resistant because it is designed in a way to withstand tough weather conditions. Not only it is waterproof, but it makes sure that the items remain protected and dry.

What trucks have the RamBox?

All of Ram’s new trucks are capable of having the RamBox, this includes the 1500, 2500 and 3500 series pickups. However keep in mind that it will have to be installed by the factory, so make sure if you want it, that you order it.

Can you remove RamBox?

Once installed, the only real way to remove a RamBox is by completely replacing the bed of the truck. This is because the Rambox is installed directly into the side of the bed, rather than being just an accessory.


RamBox is a boon to all the Ram pickup truck owners because they provide extensive space apart from the other storage units that you find throughout the vehicle. It is waterproof and protects your belongings from unauthorized use.