Roll-Up vs Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover: Which is better for you?

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Do you own a truck and looking for a Tonneau Cover, needing one that is affordable and reliable. Which will keep your tools and your precious cargo locked securely in the bed of your truck. The one that will keep your load locked away tight because your Hard-Fold Tonneau Cover did its job as the “Top Flight Security Of The World.” on the back of your truck, locking away your tools up and knowing they are friendly and secure.

Do you have an old truck and looking for the right fit cover that will make your truck pop out in style? Well, down below, I will talk about which ones are probably perfect for you, which one gets the job done, and which one has more variety and easier to find for older trucks.

What is a roll up tonneau cover?

So what about the Roll Up Tonneau Cover? Well, having the Roll-Up Tonneau and needing to haul a prominent item in your truck. The velcro on the roll-up Tonneau makes it easier to detach from the cab of the hauler Roll Up’s are generally cheaper because they are much easier to put together than a Tri-Fold.

Now, the Roll Up Tonneau Covers do have a downside: the roll-up covers tend to take longer to open and close. The reason being is because you are required to roll, you are required to move your cover manually. Once you get it rolled, you will then want to strap it down to your cabin.

When you roll it out, you will have to go around both sides of the truck bed and strap the velcro down. While it is less effort, it does take more time than the Tri-Fold. The Tri-Fold requires you to fold it three times and then strap it down. Roll-Ups is the perfect choice for any hauler. Also, come in large varieties for older trucks.


  • Roll-UP have more of an availability
  • It is very lightweight
  • Roll-Up is cheaper because it’s easy to move around.
  • The design has more of a lower profile.


  • The Roll-Up isn’t sturdy enough to get the job done.
  • The Roll-Up has less security, making it much easier for someone to get into the bed of your truck.
  • It is somewhat possible for the Roll-Up Tonneau to break.
  • It also takes much longer to open.

What is a tri-fold tonneau cover?

There are two types of Tri-Fold covers, and that is the hard and the soft Tri-Folds. The hard Tri-Fold is more sturdy, more heavy-duty also more of a rigid frame than the soft. Now the soft Tri-Fold is more lightweight and less of an effort to remove it from your truck.

One of the Tri-Fold features is that it is sturdier. Generally, the Tri-Fold construction has two parts with rigid vinyl fabric material on the top and outer parts of the Tri-Fold. Now other than the sturdiness of the Tri-Fold, it also comes with excellent security.

You can lock your Tri-Fold, and it will be challenging for someone to try to cut it open. The Tri-Fold Tonneau can hold up to three different positions. Fold the cover back and leod your large cargo. If you own a truck, you will need to keep in mind that a Tri-Fold does not allow you access to your load.

Tri-Folds can make your hauler the more rustic look if that is what you are looking for, and also, when installing it, you will want to remember that the height because the Tri-Fold sits a few inches above the bed of the truck. The Tri-Folds are much easier to open and close but may be inconvenient if you have to remove them and put them back on the car because of the weight.


  • Complex cargo the Tri-Fold will allow you to carry.
  • It is much easier to open.
  • Security is amazing.
  • It makes it much easier to haul a heavy load.


  • Tri-Folds can be challenging to install.
  • Tri-Fold could be too heavy because of its heavy weight.
  • Tri-Folds can be costly.

Which one is better?

I really hate to say that there isn’t a true winner between a roll up and a tri-fold tonneau cover, especially since that is likely why you came to this article.

However if you are someone that wants an incredibly easy to fold up and unfold tonneau cover, but aren’t too worried about the space that it takes up, as you only use your bed sparingly, then the tri-fold is probably the best one for you! They are ridged, and last a long time because of that.

Although, if you are someone that wants the full capacity of your truck bed, and aren’t too worried about the extra time it takes to roll up a tonneau cover, then the roll up version is going to be your best bet.

So which one did I choose? I personally prefer the roll up version, and have one on my truck now.

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Which roll-up tonneau covers do we like?

There are two different types of Roll Up Tonneau Covers. (For the bed of your truck.) There is a Hard Fold and a Soft Fold. Here are a few of the Roll Up Tonneau.

  1. Tonno Pro Lo Roll So, if you are looking for a great truck bed cover that is durable and affordable, this is the way to go. Tonno Pro Lo Roll is a sleek but stylish type of design also; the Tonno Pro Lo Roll supports fuel efficiency by helping you save at least thirty percent. This cover is fast and easy to install and mount onto the rails of the truck’s bed.
  2. Tonneau Pro– With a low profile of the design, this Roll-Up Tonneau Pro is double-sided with snap clips and an easy clamping system.

Which tri-fold tonneau covers do we like?

  • Tonno Pro is much easier to fold/unfold without any tools. Three sections of the Tonneau are hinged together, making it much easier for you to tuck into one good compact unit. The Tonno Pro also makes it easy to remove or even just slide it back in seconds.
  • Tear Proof, now many happy customers who have bought Tonno Pro Hard-Fold can testify that the cover can stand firm through a harsh storm and not allow anyone to break into it. This cover is a marine type of grade of 24.5 ounce and double coated vinyl tarp, which makes it more challenging to cut through and it weighs less than seventy pounds, and it can carry 350 pounds. It also has unique stitching that keeps the wet moisture out.