This is why guitar hangers are safe, and you should get one!

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The guitar wall hanger: one of the coolest, easiest, cheapest and best ways to store a guitar! Well, let’s discuss that “best” portion of that statement, as some people may not think that it is safe to keep a guitar on the wall.

Are guitar wall hangers safe?

In my experience, a guitar wall hanger is very safe in every way possible. It is safe for the guitar, your home, and is even safe when you have pets and kids around (to a point).

For the longest time, I kept all of my guitars safely in their cases, for the most part gathering dust on them. Moving them to the walls on a hanger has allowed me to enjoy them not only while playing, but also while not playing.

However the concern of them being safe on the wall is a valid issue, so let’s talk a little bit more about the different aspects of that.

What is a guitar wall hanger?

Before we get too far into the safety of a guitar wall hanger, we should really quickly discuss what a wall hanger is for those that aren’t aware.

A guitar wall hanger like this one is an extremely simple contraption that attaches to the wall, whether it be a wall stud, a cement wall, or even sheet rock.

Once attached, a hook that is attached to the hanger, hangs a guitar from the head of the guitar.

This leaves the guitar suspended in air, and slightly away from the wall.

Are they safe for the guitar?

I’m sure after reading about what a wall hanger is, you likely are wondering if doing that is safe for the guitar itself! It is suspended above the ground, and is being hung by the neck.

From what I have found, hanging a guitar from the head has not caused any damage to my guitar, and it keeps its tune almost better than when it sits in its case.

As for being suspended above the ground, I have never had it fall on the ground from its hanger, and the hanger itself is incredibly secure.

Right now I have an electric guitar on the wall to the left of my desk, and an acoustic guitar on the wall to right of my desk. Both guitars are in great condition after about a year of being exclusively hung in that position.

They even get played more as well! As they aren’t hidden away in a case somewhere.

Can hanging a guitar hurt kids or pets?

For those that have children, or pets in their home, having something hanging from the wall that is as heavy as a guitar may be of some concern.

The main concern is going to be what happens if the guitar falls off the wall, and onto a child or dog.

However the awesome thing about these hangers, is you can choose how high up the wall the guitar is. How I have my hangers placed, my dog can’t bump up against it, and it is far enough off the ground that a child would have to be old enough to know not to bother it as well.

Even if someone were to bump up against the guitars, or tamper with the guitar, it has little stoppers where it holds the head, so you have to lift up on the guitar, and it doesn’t just slide off. You can see the stoppers in the picture below.

Of course, just like anything in life, things can happen, but it hasn’t really been a worry of mine, and it seems to be incredibly safe from bumps, pulls, and even earthquakes (yep, I have watched my guitar move around in an earthquake on the wall hanger).

Is it safe to install?

Installing a wall hanger for your guitar is easy, and safe, if you have some skills with tools.

You can easily install a wall hanger with a screw driver, measuring tape, and whatever materials come with the wall hanger kit (screws, dry wall inserts, and of course the hanger).

From my experience, installing one takes about 5 minutes or so, and surprisingly I didn’t get hurt installing them!

That is saying something, considering I installed headlights on my truck yesterday… it took me hours and a lot of scratches and bruises.

Does it damage your wall?

Adding a guitar wall hanger is surprisingly similar to hanging a picture on your wall when it comes to damage to your home.

You will be putting two screws into your wall, and that is about it.

I haven’t taken my hanger off the wall yet, but I am going to assume that once I do, there will probably be an indent on the wall from the edges of the hanger in a rectangle pattern.

Other than that, considering how secure it is to the wall, I don’t have any concerns about it ripping out of the wall causing damage.

Basically, if you are okay with adding a picture to your wall, you should be fine with hanging a guitar hanger.

Alternatives to wall hangers

Alright, so I haven’t quite convinced you that wall hangers are for you, or you need something a little more portable? There are some other great options on the market today as well.

  • Guitar stand – There are quite a few different types of guitar stands out there today. These sit on the floor instead of being mounted to the wall. This one right here is a great unit, and is relatively inexpensive. I like that it also cradles the neck, unlike some other guitar stands.
  • Horizontal wall hanger – Don’t like that the wall hangers we have talked about in this article put all the weight on the neck? These horizontal wall hangers aren’t quite as compact, but they do cradle both the neck, and the body of the guitar.


Guitar wall hangers are an awesome way to store a guitar in a way that is great for you, and for the guitar, and is just over all safe.

Generally having a guitar easily accessible like with a guitar hanger means it gets played more, and that is both good for you, and for the guitar.

As long as you are just a little skilled with tools, you can easily install your own hangers and enjoy it for years.