They Fixed My Favorite Coffee Mug!!

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I don’t know if I should get this excited about a coffee mug, but when I got an email recently from Fellow Products that they came out with the solve for my one big problem I have with my Carter Everywhere Mug, I was audibly happy.

If you read this review of my Carter Everywhere Mug, you’ll find that I like literally everything about it, but my one issue is that it just doesn’t work well in the car.


The new version is called the Carter Move Mug, and I want one really badly.

[Image courtesy of Fellow Products]
[Image courtesy of Fellow Products]

So what changed with the Carter Move Mug?

Well, first off its ever so slightly less expensive, and maintains the similar design that I really like.

Physically, the main difference is a splash guard you add to the inside of the mug after you fill it up.

This splash guard means you can keep it open in your cup holder, without worry of it splashing out of the mug.

With this simple innovation, you can keep the awesome design of the lip of the mug, but not have to worry about spilling coffee all over yourself. This also means you can leave the lid off, and stay safe on the road.

So much is it, and where can you buy it?

You can buy the Carter Move Mug directly on Fellow’s website by clicking the button below!

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