Ford’s SecuriCode Keypad Should Be On Every Car

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One of the best features Ford has been adding to their vehicles, that not enough people know about, is the little keypad on the door that allows for entry without any form of key, fob, or smartphone.

This keypad is a 5 digit lock that is extremely easy to use, and more manufactures should add to their cars.

Ford’s official name for this form of entry is the SecuriCode keypad, and nowadays this feature is something many people only shop Ford because of its availability.

I personally have owned a vehicle with this form of entry in the past, and it really is an awesome feature that we used constantly.

Benefits of the SecuriCode Keypad

  • Great for when at the beach, out hiking, or when you don’t want to lose your keys
  • Works well for warming your car up in the morning
  • You can lock your car without the keys
  • Easy to gain access if you accidentally lock your keys in the car

Downsides of the keypad

  • If someone knows your code, they can gain access
  • Physical version can freeze up in the winter
  • Capacitive version may be difficult to use with gloves on

Does Ford still have keypad entry?

Yes, Ford does still have the keypad! Until recently you would find a push button keypad right above the door handle of any equipped vehicle. However more recently they have changed it up a bit by adding it to the door sill instead as capacitive buttons.

While the change makes the keypad hidden unless needed, I personally still like the more physical keypad we have seen in the past, as it was incredibly easy to use with gloves.

Why does only Ford have keypad entry?

After a lot of research I have not been able to figure out exactly why Ford is the only one that offers this feature. It is extremely useful, and well done, so I figured the only reason would be a patent issue.

However it only appears they have a patent on the multi-touch version of the keypad, which I am sure leaves some large openings for other manufacturers to step in and add similar features to their vehicle.

Do I think other manufacturers should have this feature in the day of proximity keys, phone access and other modes of access?

Yes, yes I do. Specifically for situations where you aren’t the primary driver, but still need to get into the car for some reason or another. You don’t need a key, you don’t need a phone, or anything else other than knowledge of the passcode.

How do I get Ford keyless entry code?

There are two different codes that will work on these Ford vehicles. There is a master code you are able to get to Ford, and that is generally included in the manual you receive upon purchase of the vehicle.

From there, you are able to program an additional code that you can use regularly. For the most part you probably want to use and distribute the one you made up, so that you can reset it at a later time.

Then keep the master code separate so that you can use it in emergencies when you have forgotten the other code.

How do I lock my Ford keypad?

This is also one of my favorite features that comes along with the keypad, the ability to lock the car. All you have to do is hit the last two digits of the keypad and it will lock all of the doors on the car at once.

You can use this when you have the keys in your pocket, and are going inside for the night. Making it easy to do this when you have stuff in your hands, or just don’t have access to your keys to lock the car.

Why does the keypad have 10 digits on 5 keys?

One strange thing I have seen people bring up is the fact that the keypad has digits 1 through 10 on the 5 keys. So the first key is both 1 and 6, and the second is both 2 and 7 (you get it).

My thought on why this is for memories sake. Many people will use a memorable year, or possibly a word as the keypad.

Having these additional unneeded numbers on the keypad allow you to be able to use those memorable numbers, instead of just being stuck to the 1-5.


If other car manufacturers are reading this, put this on your cars! Find some way, somehow. This feature is one of my favorite ways to access a car, and should continue to live on, not only in Ford vehicles, but all of the rest of the brands.