Browning Now Makes A Distressed Finish Safe: The 1878 Safe

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So Browning finally did it! With years of watching crosstown rivals like Fort Knox, and a nearby neighbor of Rhino Metals making cool, old style distressed gun safes, for the 2020 year they have released their own version with the 1878 safes!

The 1878 series of Browning safes is a USA made distressed style safe. It follows almost exactly the same thought process as Rhino does with their Ironworks series by using an existing lineup (in this case the Hell’s Canyon series) and making it look completely different!

So what is new?

This series carries over the 11 gauge steel, 90 minute fire rating and lock options from its host series of safes. Then adds a bank vault style round handle, awesome looking plates on each corner (theoretically for rigidity, but more likely for style), and redesigned top and bottom artwork for the door.

As for the inside of the safe, it is business as usual, by including the interior you would expect with Browning’s USA made safes. This means a full DPX door system, and the Axis interior (my favorite interior of any safe).

What sizes does it come in?

The 1878 gun safes come in three different sizes.

  • The 65 Extra Wide, which is able to handle 65 long guns, and is 60″ High by 56″ Wide by 25″ Deep.
  • The 49 Wide, which is able to handle 49 long guns and is 60″ High by 43″ Wide by 25″ Deep.
  • And then of course the smallest option: The 33 Standard, a safe that can handle 33 guns and is 60″ High by 31″ Wide by 25″ Deep

My thoughts on the safes?

I always wondered when Browning would finally follow along with the trend of distressed finish safes. It is actually really exciting, as I really do like the Axis interiors on these safes, but I also really do like the Ironworks safes by Rhino.

So that means this really could finally be the best of both worlds!

Why is it called the 1878 series?

The year 1878 was when Browning was founded! So the 1878 series of gun safes is a cool throwback to an older time, and also to when the company was founded.

If you want to learn more about some of the history of Browning, you should read through this article about things you may not have known about them.


I am extremely glad that these came through as USA made gun safes, which means you are going to get quality every time when you buy one of these.

If this safe is right for you, you might want to visit Browning’s website here to learn more about them.

In the meantime, if you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend you read through my buying guide to make sure you know what to look for when shopping for the right safe.

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