The Vibe Reflective Vest Is the Perfect Year Round Running Safety Gear

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Have you ever been driving down a side road at night to be surprised by someone walking or running that you had no idea they were there? You then think to yourself, wow, I never realized how hard it would be to see me when I am out running at night. Well, the Nathan Vibe reflective vest is a great option to keep that from happening.

This running vest is meant for those people that run at all times of the year. It is extremely lightweight and minimalist, which means it will fit over everything from a t-shirt all the way up to a coat. Meaning you can wear what you want, but still be seen at night while running, or walking.

Please note, before we get too far into the review of this product. This vest was sent out to me for review free of charge by the manufacturer for this review. However all opinions are my own.

Reflective vest over winter coat
It’s easy to put on, and is even able to go over a winter coat

What does the Nathan Vibe Reflective Vest Offer?

Like every product out there, the Nathan Vibe does a few things really well.


A reflective vest would be nothing without its visibility! The awesome thing about this one is that it is reflective on the sides, front and back.


Not only is this lightweight, it also is able to be stored extremely easily. Would be awesome for keeping in a pocket in the car, or in a backpack for use when you get to your running spot.


This is my favorite part of this vest, because of its minimalist design, it can be used at any time of year, with any type of clothing. It basically just goes over whatever you want it to be, and is completely adjustable.


You notice right away, when you take this vest out of the packaging that it is definitely a higher quality product than the competitors you normally think of in this category. The fabric is nice, the reflective surface isn’t just taped on, rather a part of the vest, and everything is sewn together with precision.

Reflective vest and dog
This is a great image of the back, even in daylight it reflects on the back as well

The only issue: Difficulty adjusting it the first use

The first time you open the vest up to test it out, it definitely is a bit daunting. It basically is a bunch of straps that are put together to create the vest, and is difficult to know which is the top, and which is the bottom.

Once you figure that out, it is a bit difficult to figure out exactly how to adjust it to your size.

However after you inevitably do figure it out, it becomes much easier, and honestly you aren’t going to adjust it that often.

By far this isn’t a huge issue, but it definitely should be mentioned.


  • Lightweight
  • Can be used all year long
  • All sides are reflective


  • A bit difficult to adjust the first time


  • Waist Range: 23.5 to 47 inches
  • Cleaning: Hand wash only
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty, doesn’t cover normal wear and tear

So who is this vest for?

Just like everything in this world, this vest isn’t for everyone! Well, any running vest isn’t for everyone, but this one is for more people than most? Confused? Yeah me too.

This vest is perfect for those that run all year round, as you can adjust it to fit around your coat, or just a t-shirt depending on the time of the year. It is also great for going out hiking to give yourself just a little bit of color in the wilderness for hunters, or just visibility to other hikers.

Who is this not for? It probably isn’t for those that aren’t willing to pay more than a couple dollars, and aren’t too worried about quality.

Close up image of the reflective vest
Closer up image of the front

How much does it cost, and where can you buy it?

The Nathan Vibe Reflective Safety vest is easily purchasable on their website. At the time of this writing it is just under $25 and is available in the yellow color I reviewed, or a nice blue.

If you want to buy this for yourself, visit this link to their site!

Full reflective vest vs Nathan Vibe

Of course you are going to ask yourself, why would I get this over just buying a normal reflective vest similar to what we see with construction workers?

The main reason I would say is again the ability to put this over any clothing easily, it adjusts quickly to whatever you are wearing.

Another great reason is quality. Like most things, you get what you pay for. If you just want something temporary, then sure get something cheap. However if you don’t want to go shopping regularly for a vest, then this is probably your better bet.


This running vest is great for so many people out there! If you can get past the cost over the lesser competitors it can be a great way to be visible on the road, without sacrificing much.

If you walk, run, or anything on the street, you need to make sure you are visible, period. That way you are not a distraction to drivers that fear hitting you, and also help you with your safety as well.

Another great piece of gear that you may like that could go with this during your runs, is the VaporKrar Waistpak.

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