BioLite Headlamp 200 Review: A High Quality, Useful Headlamp

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Have you ever been out on a hike, or a run and wished you had a flashlight ready to go just in case. I actually did this last weekend, and my BioLite was exactly what I packed with me, as a “just in case it gets dark” flashlight.

The BioLite Headlamp 200 is an extremely comfortable, easy to use, high quality headlamp that is perfect for many different lifestyles. This includes Hiking, running, great for preppers, or even just for use as an emergency light you keep in a drawer for when the lights go out.

Before we get too far into this review, I do want to mention that this headlamp was sent out to me free of charge. However all opinions in this article are my own, and I was not paid to say anything one way or the other.

headlamp on a rock
Taking this headlamp hiking was easy, and usable

So what is so great about the Biolite Headlamp 200?


I don’t know about you, but when I think of a headlamp, I wouldn’t think the first thing I would mention would be comfort. Normally headlamps are rather utilitarian, and this aspect is kinda forgotten.

With the Headlamp 200 I was extremely surprised to find it contoured to my forehead extremely well, and you almost forget it is there. We’ll get to the adjustability a little bit later (it is awesome as well) but it also plays into how comfortable this headlamp is.


At only 50 grams, the Headlamp 200 is extremely lightweight. In conjunction with how comfortable it is, you again, really don’t notice it when you are wearing it. 

As I found recently, you barely notice it in your jacket pocket when it isn’t in use, so you can easily take it with you without it being annoying.


I really am not quite sure what makes up the BioLite for materials, however they really did somehow make it extremely great to the touch. It is smooth, not scratchy on the skin, and doesn’t seem to make you sweat.

Different modes

This headlamp has 4 different modes that can be used. 

The first is white spot light with dimming, and is more than likely the one that most will use. Basically you have the full light that reaches out to about 50 meters, and then the dim version is meant to be more of a flood light out to about 8 meters, but a wider range.

Secondly we have the red version of the above light. It has both the standard flood light with dimming. The awesome thing about having a red version of the light, is that this is perfect for not hurting your night vision at night.

The third, and fourth version of the headlamp is the red, and white strobe light. These are meant to get people attention when you are in an emergency. 

Different adjustments

Adjustable headlamp on a hat
You can see how adjustable the plate is here

The headlamp itself has quite a few adjustment points as well!

Firstly you can adjust the plate that the light is on upward and downward, so you can point the light wherever you need

Secondly the strap itself is extremely easy to adjust to your head. All you do is pull on two different adjustable points and it easily changes to the size of your head.

This easy operation is perfect for those that change between wearing a hat, or no hat often.

Battery life

The battery life on the 200 series has an awesome battery life. At 40 hours on dim, you could use this literally for almost days without interruption. Or if you just remember to charge it regularly, you can use the full spot light function daily for everything you need!


  • Portable, and lightweight
  • Made of comfortable materials
  • Easily adjustable
  • Great for many purposes


  • Higher price

Who is this headlamp for?

This headlamp ultimately could be perfect for anyone that may need light in the dark. However it really does cater heavily to the fitness and outdoors market. Those that go hiking, fishing, camping, running, jogging or just anything outdoors as a major part of their hobbies.

I know it would work awesome in so many other applications, however the price of it may deter some to just keep it for emergencies. 

Where can I buy it?

This headlamp is by no means a cheap investment, its a great investment, but not cheap. You can find it for around $45 on BioLite’s website here, or quite a few other places online.

What accessories can you get for the Headlamp 200?

Now what kind of accessories could there be for a headlamp right? You would think they are rather stand alone right? Well not with BioLite.

If you are out camping, or hiking, you may want a good standard lamp right? Well, if you buy the BiolLite Light Diffusing Stuffsack, all you have to do is put your headlamp inside of it, and it will give your campsite a nice glow, rather than a direct light like the Headlamp 200 has. 

It is also extremely portable, and lightweight, just like your headlamp.

Headlamp on hat in the snow
It works great on a hat

HeadLamp 200 vs Headlamp 330

If you have done any research into BioLites headlamps, you likely have found that there is also a Headlamp 330. So how does it differ from the 200? The easiest way to show this is likely in a chart, so see below!

Headlamp 200Headlamp 330
Max Output200 lumens330 Lumens
Mode Amount44
Hours of Usage40 on low, 3 on high40 on low, 3.5 on high
How to rechargeUSBUSB
Water ResistanceIPX4IPX4
Warranty1 Year1 Year

Who is Biolite?

BioLite is an outdoor and off grid energy company. They specialize in solar, outdoor cooking, power banks, and tons of different products in those categories. They even have a really cool fire pit with built in fans.

All of their products are designed to look and function great, for a really decent price. 

Their mission is to provide these different aspects of their prospects to the rest of the world that is in need. As of this writing, they have impacted over 600,000 people by their giving.


If you are looking for some awesome running gear, the Biolite Headlamp 200 is an awesome choice. It is comfortable, usable, looks great, and works great. If you are looking to have visibility at night regularly, this is the headlamp for you.

On that note, you may also want to read through this article that includes one of my favorite reflective vests that will help you be visible to everyone else on the road. Or of course my favorite waist pack.

Now, what kind of adventures can I find to take this headlamp on!