This Dorm Safe Is Perfect For College Students

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If you are on the hunt for a safe for your office, and more specifically your dorm. The Stealth Tactical Dorm Safe may be exactly perfect for your situation.

The Dorm Safe by Stealth Tactical is meant to fit that small niche of people that need the maximum amount of room for laptops, electronics, and firearms, but is able to fit and not take up too much room in a small shared space like a dorm room at college.

So what makes the Dorm safe different from the rest?

The Dorm Safe is designed to stand vertically, rather than horizontally like most safes of this shape are meant to be. 

It can further be used for a dorm purpose due to small shelves on the side for keys, electronics, and any other small items.

With lighting on the interior, you never lose these small items, and then you can even run power to the safe to charge everything you are storing.

Finally, the size of the safe is perfect for fitting even the largest laptop so that your roommates won’t be stealing it any time soon.

If you are in need of securing it (like most people should) you have the choice of bolting it to the floor, and for those that can’t do that, you can use a security cable to attach it to something nearby.


  • Locking mechanism – UL Listed Electronic Lock
  • Steel thickness – Unknown
  • Fire rating – None
  • Security Features – Can bolt down, or tether to something. Great electronic lock. 
  • Warranty – 1 year warranty
  • Aesthetics – Not exactly meant to look great, but is more on the utilitarian side.
  • Additional Features – Carry handle inserted onto the door.


  • External: 20″ High by 7″ Wide by 14″ Deep
  • Internal: 13.75″ High by 13.75″ Wide by 13″ Deep
  • Weight: 51 pounds


From what I have found, there really aren’t any good competitors to this Dorm Safe. This is one of the only manufacturers that makes something as specific as this.

Honestly, I doubt there is enough demand to have competitors in the market. However to have this as an option is important.


I think this is a great addition to the safe market. It offers an important niche safe that many people out there will need.

This obviously isn’t for everyone, but it is for some! And it is built by a company I like.