5 Things You Didn’t Know About Cafflano

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One of my favorite series of articles I have done on this site so far has been the 5 Things You Didn’t Know About A Company. 

In this article we get to learn more about Cafflano, a coffee maker company that specializes in coffee makers that are on-the-go.

[Image courtesy of Cafflano]

1. Founding the Company

Six engineers and marketing specialists in love with coffee founded Beanscorp in 2013, aiming to become unparalleled coffee equipment specialists and started to introduce never-seen-before innovative coffee gears for coffee lovers in the world.

I think this is one of the first times in this series where there are multiple people going after this goal at once of starting a company. Six people with a mixture of engineering and marketing seems like a great place to start though.

2. The full line up

Cafflano has been appreciated by global coffee leaders and common coffee lovers; and all of her flagships won four (4) best new product awards from Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). With Cafflano® Krinder, they will complete a total solution of each coffee style; espresso, pour over, and immersion. Cafflano® Klassic is an all-in-one portable pour over coffee maker with grinder, drip kettle, filter, and cup in one single vessel. Cafflano® Kompact is an immersion device that uses similar technology to French press, which allows you to make hot or cold brew coffee while at home or on the move. Cafflano® Kompresso ensures the consistent over 9 bars pressure for an authentic espresso shot. Cafflano® Go-Brew is a coffee brewing bottle for easy pour over with maximum portability.

When just looking at their site, you wouldn’t quite realize that they have covered all of the bases when it comes to coffee makers. However it is true! All you need is coffee beans, the Krinder, and whichever type of coffee maker you prefer, and bam, you have coffee.

It is always awesome to see companies cover the whole field when it comes to their products. Builds a lot of loyalty.

3. Award winners

Within the first year of launch, Cafflano® Klassic won 6 international awards, sold 100,000 units in 70 countries.To date, Cafflano® range has received 20+ international awards and currently available in over 98 countries.

If you have ever started a business, it is incredibly difficult to gain traction quickly. That is why this is so incredibly impressive. Even more so that it is spread between countries where you have to worry about importing, exporting, etc.

4. Portable, yet usable

Cafflano’s mission is to provide quality portable coffee gear that is simple, innovative, economic, convenient, sustainable (no electrical power, disposable filters, or cups are required) and portable to all coffee lovers since its foundation.

This is something that I think is important when making coffee. With some exceptions, it is awesome to have everything be reusable if possible. It means you don’t have to worry about going to the store to buy filters, or anything else to keep making your favorite cup of coffee.

Not having to use electricity not only means you can use it on-the-go, but also from anywhere in your home, without having to worry about being next to a wall socket.

5. Good, easy coffee

The company name, Cafflano, came from Latin for the coffee plant (coffea) and easy (plano), reflecting our belief that good coffee should be easy.

I actually really like this belief when it comes to coffee. My biggest issue when I started becoming more educated with coffee, was I found so many of the different methods were either difficult to use, or just took far too long. It wasn’t until I started using the easier coffee methods that I found my favorite taste to ease ratio.

Now my coffee hobby has grown since then. It’s awesome to see Cafflano has that belief, and is holding to it with their products.


I really enjoy what Cafflano is doing with their brand, and I like that they are keeping everything portable and easy to use.

Of course it isn’t for everyone, but it is right up there with what I like and enjoy when it comes to coffee. If you want to visit Cafflano’s website, click here.

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