3 Steps to Getting Dog Hair out of your Car’s Carpeting

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If you are a dog owner, and take them with you, you probably have experienced plenty of their hair getting imbedded into the fibers of your car! This is such a paint to get out of your carpet, or is it? In this article we are going to talk about the simple steps and gear you need to get dog hair out of your cars carpets.

So how do you get dog hair out of your vehicle’s carpet? I highly recommend utilizing a rubber pet comb (something like a Lilly Brush) that is able to slip the hair out of the fibers, you will then quickly vacuum that hair up before it has a chance to re-embed itself. This will continue until you have the car all clean. It may be time consuming, but the results are amazing.

1. Use a rubber pet hair comb

Have you been one of those people that tries to get dog hair out of your carpets with double sided tape, or a lint roller? I used to be, until I learned about the Lilly Brush.

Now, I know I am starting to sound like an infomercial, however this rubber brush really does work.

Essentially, you use the brush (you will find it right here) by pressing the rubber to the carpet and making short pulls on the hair. What this does, is grabs the hair that is embedded in the carpet and brings it to the surface.

That is the reason why normal methods don’t work, as the hair is actually weaved into the carpet, not just sitting on top, and you need to find something that pulls it from the carpet before vacuuming it.

I can’t speak highly enough about the Lilly Brush (linked here again) as it has finally made it so I can actually clean the carpet in my truck and our car.

2. Vacuum as you use the comb

I find that as you are using the Lilly Brush, it is best practice to vacuum as you go. Having a small handheld vacuum like this one, or a shop vacuum like this one will work perfectly as long as you have an attachment that goes to a point.

Basically as you pull hair from the carpet fibers, you will vacuum them up almost immediately. This will allow you to see if any hair has been left in the carpet. Once one section is done completely, move to the next, and the next!

3. Rinse and repeat

Now, keep doing step 1 and 2 until you have completely vacuumed and removed the dog hair from the car! Some quick advice is to make sure you check under all of the seats in the car, check in different storage compartments, and raise up all of the head rests (dog hair likes to find its way in there).

A great example?

If you are a bit hesitant in this method, I highly recommend watching the below video! This detailer strictly uses the Lilly Brush when he works with pet hair, and it really does make a huge difference.

You will see that he moves section to section making sure to clean the hair up as he goes!

Household products that can remove hair from the carpet?

Alright, so you don’t have the time to wait for your Lilly Brush to show up in the mail, and need to clean pet hair from you car now? Here are some other ways that you can make this happen.


Balloons are made of rubber, just like the Lilly Brush! Sure the balloon will likely brake over time, and you will have to use quite a few of them to get the job done, however a rubber balloon has the qualities needed to grip onto the pet hair and remove them from the fibers.

Rubber gloves

If you have some rubber gloves under your sink at home, give those a try! Rubber gloves, just like balloons and the Lilly Brush will allow you to pull the hairs from the fibers. Just make sure to buy the real thing for next time!

Double sided tape

Yep, we have all tried this method for getting pet hair out of carpeting! You will basically take double sided tape, and hope that the hairs will stick to it.

The big downside to this, is that it will also grab everything else other than the hairs, and the amount of tape you will have to use to get your car clean is enormous.

Lint Roller

This is very similar to the tape, and is likely something you have already tried! While it technically will work, it costs a lot of lint roller tape, and isn’t overly effective.

How do you keep pet hair from getting in your car?

So you have finally cleaned out your car of all of the pet hair! Now you need to keep it clean, as we all know you don’t want to leave your hairy friend at home. So what do you do?

SUV cargo are cover

If you have dogs, and an SUV you cannot go wrong with a good cargo area cover! We have one of these cargo covers, and it has been amazing. It by no means is perfect, and hair does still get through, but not nearly the amount of hair that we used to.

We finally feel like we aren’t destroying the car with our dogs! Not only does it help with fur, but also keeps dirt and other things that dogs get into off of the carpeting in your SUV.

Truck Topper

If you have a pickup, you can’t go wrong with a good truck topper! These truck toppers will keep your dog safe, as they can’t jump out, but they also keep all hair and dirt in an area of your pickup that can be pressure washed whenever you would like. We have a whole article detailing some of our favorite truck toppers here, it is worth a read!

Seat Covers

If neither of the above option work for you because you need that space for something else, or you have a sedan, I highly recommend getting a good pet cover for your rear seats! Pet specific seat covers like these ones right here will not only keep hair from getting on your seats, but will also keep the pets on the seat, and out of your lap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does cheaper carpet trap hair more?

Cheaper vehicle carpeting actually can trap more hair, and make it more difficult to remove, than more plush carpet! Cheaper carpeting actually works almost like Velcro in the way that it holds onto the hairs. That means more expensive vehicles like BMWs and Mercedes are actually easier to clean out.

Is husky hair hard to get out of carpets?

Husky hair may be one of the most difficult types of dog hair to get out of carpeting! Their hair is wire like, and likes to find its way deep into the fibers of your carpet. However who cares, they are awesome dogs.


I hope that this article gave you an inexpensive, yet effective way to keep your vehicle clean (if you want to clean your floor mats specifically, here is a great article)! You don’t need a ton of expensive tools to keep your vehicle pet hair free, but yet just some simple tools that you can use over and over again to keep your vehicle clean, your sanity intact, and your pets happy.