OEM bumper replacement vs Aftermarket offroad bumper for trucks

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Trucks are one of the best utility vehicles available today that can carry both passengers as well as a huge amount of luggage. The truck bumpers prevent any kind of physical damage to the rear or the front of your trucks and vehicles in low-speed vehicle crashes.

A single bumper may protect multiple trucks and vehicle parts including the trunk, hood, exhaust system, cooling system, fuel, and grill. An automobile bumper may be made of rubber, aluminum, steel, or plastic, and certain regulatory standards may also apply to its composition and size. Regulations usually apply to the bumpers mounted on pickup trucks, minivans, SUVs, and passenger cars.

OEM Vs Aftermarket/Off-Road Bumpers

An OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is a manufacturer that supplies a part to the vehicle manufacturer as well. Earlier, the mostly authorized dealership only provided the original parts, including the OEM bumpers. However, in recent years OEM parts of automobiles are also available through third-party sellers and retail stores. Certain online platforms, e-commerce stores, and websites may also sell them.

An aftermarket off-road part and bumper are not produced and manufactured by the OEM supplier. It is manufactured by a competitor company of the OEM manufacturer and supplier. The off-road and aftermarket part functions and appears just like the OEM part.

Due to an increase in e-commerce retailing, the aftermarket and off-road parts (including truck bumpers) are available easily online. These parts may also be sold through the brick-and-mortar stores that sell automobile parts and equipment.

Which bumper Should You Buy for Your Truck?

There are certain aspects to scrutinize and be informed of before a choice is made between an OEM truck bumper and an aftermarket off-road bumper.


Initially, when the aftermarket and off-road bumpers were made available, there was a common perception among the consumers that there are of lower quality when compared to the original and OEM parts. However, the entire market today realizes the importance of quality and how consumers prefer quality over price in most cases.

Keeping in mind the consumer trends, the aftermarket and off-road parts and truck bumper manufacturers have also upped their ante. They are also providing automobile parts of good quality, which are durable and have a long life.

In some cases, the biggest aftermarket manufacturers and suppliers are providing certain aftermarket components that may be even superior in quality to the OEM parts.


The competition in the market is stiff and companies that want to gain a foothold or an entry in a market often compete based on lower prices and discounts.

There is a good probability that you may lay your hands on aftermarket and off-road products (like a truck bumper) at a lower cost, without compromising the quality. The OEM parts including the bumpers usually cost more than the aftermarket off-road bumpers.


While the aftermarket parts are of good quality and reasonable price nowadays, there is still always a threat of being deceived. Hence, the consumer needs to check the quality and other aspects of the purchase (including colors and spellings among others) to know whether the part and the company are genuine and are not fake.

You must go through the owner’s manual or the descriptions before making the purchase. The genuine manufacturers include reasonable quality photos and provide detailed descriptions.

The reliable companies help you know the exact specifications of the product and do not try to hide anything.


Apart from the aspects listed above, innovation is another point that should be discussed here. For instance, the aftermarket truck bumpers are also available in steel.

The steel bumpers are more compact, shorter, and are also fixed higher up on the vehicle when compared to the OEM plastic bumpers. Therefore, a steel bumper can minimize damages better than a plastic bumper, in the case a collision occurs.

They also provide for better ground clearance of the vehicle and help the truck climb up steeper hills and rocks. Therefore, the material may also be an important aspect that you may need to check when you want to choose between an OEM and an aftermarket off-road truck bumper.


You should put in some effort to make the best choice between an aftermarket/off-road truck bumper and an OEM bumper.

You need to know and research the brands, reputation, and perceived quality in the market. Discussions with the retail stores and other sellers will help you know more about their reputation. Online reviews are also helpful and the customers can provide you the real and “owner” feedback on the parts and how satisfied they were with the purchase.

When everything seems right, buying an aftermarket off-road truck bumper will also be a more affordable option for you.