The Otterbox Drybox Is A Phone Case, That Doesn’t Need A Phone

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Thought Otterbox only made phone cases? Well, you probably didn’t know that Otterbox actually originally made drybox’s instead of phone cases.

Then at some point, they realized how important a waterproof, durable phone case would be and bam, things took off!

Well, it turns out that Otterbox still makes a ton of really cool products. These drybox’s are around the same price as their Defender Series phone case, but can fit so much more than just a phone!

These Drycases offer water resistance up to 90 feet for 30 minutes, and a foam interior to keep everything protected.

It should also be mentioned, you can fit an Otterbox phone case inside this Otterbox.


  • 90 feet for 30 minutes water resistant
  • External: 8.315” Length by 5.086” Deep by 2.56” Tall
  • Internal: 6.89” Length by 3.70” Deep by 2.01” Tall

Now to throw you for even more of loop, you can find an Otterbox coffee mug on this list!

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