7 Examples of Sports Cars That Have BackSeats

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A supercar with backseats can provide you with all the excitement as well as performance you’d expect from it all the while adding two extra seats you may need. Here is the list of supercars with back seats.

1. Audi TT

It may have four seats, however, it really hasn’t compromised a car’s design in terms of looks. Inside, from the front seats, it’s roomy and feels solidly built as well. The TT is the type of car that is usually referred to as a two-plus-two by manufacturers.

Those “plus-two” rear seats may be cramped, and feel small and uncomfortable for a lot of people, so most adults won’t really want to sit there for a prolonged period, while the headroom is limited all because of a curved roof sloping down to a boot lid.

2. BMW i8

Underneath the car’s futuristic design, it is the plug-in hybrid that is powered by a petrol engine as well as an electric motor the batteries of which may be recharged from the external plug socket or as a car drives along.

Also, it may have four seats, however, the rear is very cramped and has a space for maximum two small children. Getting yourself in there can feel like a struggle because of upwards-opening butterfly doors.

3. Ford Mustang

This car is quite fun to drive on the country roads as well; soaking up the bumps for keeping your car stable as well as ready to change the direction with the twitch of a steering wheel.

Four people can fit themselves into the car all thanks to the spacious rear seats, but they are still somewhat cramped.

4. BMW 6 Series

This is considered one of the most practical sports cars with a great head as well as legroom for its occupants in the back and front. The car may feel nimble in corners, however, its stability and responsiveness come at an expense of comfort because you will feel bumps of the potholed roads as the car crashes over them.

5. Lotus Evora

This lightweight sports car can double as very practical family transport, featuring 2 seats in the back, but you may have to contort yourself a bit to squeeze in because the size makes them fit for only children who will feel comfortable since the Evora has a smooth ride.

While the Evora is mainly meant to be the GT of the Lotus cars, it still maintains its go-kart style driving experience that everyone enjoys so much.

6. Maserati GranTurismo

This is the car that demands significantly fewer compromises compared to the Lotus Evora. However, it can nevertheless provide you with equally thrilling experiences. The interior is luxurious and roomy. For two adults, there is more than enough space in the back. A boot is on the small side, so in case you are planning long-distance trips, make sure that everybody travels light.

7. Nissan GT-R

Thanks to its sophisticated drive, a high tech engine, adjustable suspension parts, and aerodynamics that boost grip will surely make you feel that this car is driving you at frighteningly fast speeds instead of the other way around.

But that is not surprising, considering that this sports car is designed to be very fast. Thanks to its two rear seats, four occupants can fit into it. The back is cramped, but it can still accommodate two adults of average-size.


Honestly, any backseat of any sports car is going to be tight, as they are more meant for speed runs, and not for taking passengers places. However if you are in a pinch, any of the vehicles on this list will work!