8 Toyota Cars, Trucks, and SUVs [Plus a Minivan] Made In America

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Toyota has long been making vehicles that people know as being able to offer quality, and giving low maintenance cost. However most people probably aren’ aware that Toyota makes many of the vehicles we buy, right here in the USA.

Surprisingly, trucks like the Tundra and Tacoma, are just as USA made as the domestic brands like Ram and Ford. This list of vehicles below are all of the different vehicles that Toyota makes right in here in the USA, using USA workers.

VehicleLocation Built
2020 Toyota AvalonGeorgetown, Kentucky
2020 Toyota CamryGeorgetown, Kentucky
2020 Toyota CorollaBlue Springs, MS, and Huntsville, Alabama (Also Cambridge, Ontario Canada)
2020 Toyota HighlanderPrinceton, Indiana
2020 Toyota SequoiaPrinceton, Indiana
2020 Toyota SiennaPrinceton, Indiana
2020 Toyota TundraSan Antonio, Texas
2020 Toyota TacomaSan Antonio, Texas

1. 2020 Toyota Avalon

[Image courtesy of Toyota]

The Toyota Avalon is their largest Sedan, which of course makes it a perfect fit for the American market. While SUVs may be really ruling the roads, the Avalon is the best comparison to the SUV, but keeping a sedan.

The Avalon is made in Toyota’s facility in Georgetown, Kentucky. This includes all of the different trims from the standard XLE, to the hybrid, to the new (and tons of fun) TRD version.

2. 2020 Toyota Camry

[Image courtesy of Toyota]

The Camry is the Avalon’s little (more well known) brother, but it is also made right alongside the Avalon in the Georgetown, Kentucky facility.

If you are looking for a USA made sedan, this might actually be a great choice for you!

3. 2020 Toyota Corolla

[Image courtesy of Toyota]

The Corolla saw a massive overhaul and became much more sporty with its most recent rendition. However did you know that the Corolla is built in two different locations for the North American market? 

This car is built in Blue Springs MS, and Huntsville, Alabama, as well as across the Canadian border in Cambridge, Ontario Canada.

4. 2020 Toyota Highlander

[Image courtesy of Toyota]

The newest Highlander has made a huge splash in the industry, by giving a great SUV, with styling, and usability. I recently wrote about this article about how it has some awesome features for families.

However did you know that the Highlander is built in the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana facility, in Princeton, Indiana?

5. 2020 Toyota Sequoia

[Image courtesy of Toyota]

Yes, I think you are starting to likely see that Toyota has a surprising amount of SUVs. My personal favorite of this larger body on frame Toyota vehicle is their TRD trim version.

The most recent Sequoia is built in the Princeton, IN facility!

6. 2020 Toyota Sienna

[Image courtesy of Toyota]

No vehicle lineup is finished without a minivan. In this case the Sienna is one of the best minivans on the market, on top of that, it is built right here in the USA for this market. You will find it on the assembly lines at the Princeton facility in Indiana.

7. 2020 Toyota Tundra

[Image courtesy of Toyota]

The Tundra is going head to head with the F-150, Silverado, and Ram 1500. Because of this, Toyota made sure they wanted the bragging rights of having the truck made right in the heart of truck country. Yes, that means this truck is built in the San Antonio, TX facility!

8. 2020 Toyota Tacoma

[Image courtesy of Toyota]

Just like its larger brother the Tundra, the better selling Tacoma is actually made in the exact same facility (San Antonio, TX Facility). This makes it just as USA made as its counterparts like the Colorado, Ranger, and more.

What Toyota vehicles are not made in the USA?

Of course not every vehicle under Toyota’s umbrella makes sense to have made in the USA. Vehicles like the Prius, Toyota 86, Land Cruiser, and the 4Runner are made in Japan. While others are made in much more random places. The Yaris is made in France, and the C-HR is made in Turkey.

Of course the one everyone is thinking about nowadays is the Toyota Supra, which is actually made on the same assembly lines as the BMW Z4 in Magna Steyr, Graz, Austria.


So there you have it! You probably didn’t know so many different Toyota cars, trucks, and SUVs were made right here in the USA. Of course some of them may not be, however the most popular ones on the market today are made here.