Top 3 Reasons why your SUV has Tinted Windows

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Have you ever noticed that most all SUVs tend to have tinted windows, even if they are just a normal SUV? While tinted windows used to only be factory installed on sports cars, and sedans, they have slowly made their way to becoming a standard feature.

So why do SUVs have tinted windows? While the main reason is going to be the protection of the occupants and the interior fabrics and materials from the sun, it is also an important factor to the aesthetics of the vehicle. Keeping your valuables on the inside of the vehicle away from prying eyes is also an important aspect of tinted windows as well.

Protection from the sun

SUVs have some of the largest, and most abundant windows of any vehicle on the road today, meaning that there are far more places for the sun to make its way into the cabin, and prolonged sun can damage things in a few ways.

Tinted windows also protect your car from harmful UV rays, meaning even your cabin’s interior will look better in the long run. This will mean that your leather will hold its coloring, and your dash and arm rests won’t crack and get damaged nearly as quickly.

Protection from the sun due to tinted windows also translates to protecting you as a driver or passenger as well. Less UV rays, means less sun burn, and less heat in the cabin. If you have ever sat in a car without tint for a while, you probably have noticed how quickly it can heat up in the summer. Tint will help with that!

Darker tints also reduce glare for you while you drive, meaning you won’t have squint or shield eyes every time you a vehicle with its brights are on in the oncoming lane. Tint, depending on the level of opacity, manages to cut down that flashing light by 70%.

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Aesthetics (Makes the SUV look cooler)

Some SUVS come with tinted windows as a standard feature. It is matter of style, but it does trigger an emotional response from hopeful buyers and it prompts to buy the SUV. This wasn’t always the case with sports vehicles and it didn’t become a trend until the late 90’s.

Essentially, SUV’s updated their look with a darker tint and that had an immediate impact on sales at car shows.

SUVs would always come with tinted rear windows. The general consensus is that the tint does improve the SUV’s appearance, and gives it a more sporty apperance. Park two SUVs together and compare, you will likely always think the one with the tinted windows is sportier, and the better buy. Dealers like this, and so they make sure their vehicles all have tinted windows.

If you think this is interesting, you probably will also find it interesting that manufacturers add plastic to the exterior to make it look cooler as well.

Security of valuables on the inside of the vehicle

One of the biggest aspects of tinted windows also has to do with security!

If you have ever walked by a car, and noticed ever thing that they have in it, you likely don’t want that to happen with your car.

Tinted windows is a great way to keep that from happening.

Yes, tinted windows can still be seen through, but they make everything much less noticeable, and much less likely for someone to look in.

This can keep your valuable safe! However not quite as safe as a “safe”. You can take a look at an article about those here!

Downsides of tinted windows

The downside of having dark tinted also happens at night. The same reason why you felt so comfortable driving in the shade during the daytime will now be the reason why you won’t feel as assured as all your surrounding will look even darker at night.

One way around this would be to use a lighter tint or promptly remove the tint from your rear glass and your windshield (you really shouldn’t have windshield tint anyways).

Many countries have laws against darkly tinted windows and can actually fine you for having too darkly tinted windows. Make sure to look into your local laws to make sure your current tint, or tint you are wanting to buy is within regulations for your area.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to tint vehicle windows?

Thankfully, tinting your windows is not crazy expensive. You can account for about $200 for basic tint on a smaller SUV, to about $700+ for higher quality tint on a larger SUV.

Should you tint your windshield?

I would not recommend ever tinting your windshield, as it cuts down on your visibility both during the day and night. If you absolutely want to tint your windshield, I would only take a look at tinting just the top portion, leaving you plenty of visibility where it matters.

Should you aftermarket tint your windows?

While most cars nowadays come with pre-tinted windows, if you car needs window tint still you can always add aftermarket tint to your windows. This can either be done at a shop, or you can always do it yourself! I will mention that cheaper tint that you buy off the shelf can peel, making the vehicle not look as great over time.


It really is up to you whether you would want to drive an SUV with tinted windows or not. Know you can always compromise, as having a 4-inch strip of tint at the top part of your windshield will be enough to give you all the glare protection you need and it will keep the roads at night visible and welcoming.

Or you can go also go for a light type of reflective tint, one that will protect your cabin from any harmful UV rays. Meanwhile, technology has stepped forward to offer drivers with two new types of tint: reactive tint or the one you would normally find on sunglasses and a fairly new electronically charged that you get to control.

The latest technological leaps will eventually be responsible for a new exotic price tag on SUV vehicles, but for now, SUVs still look pretty cool, just the way they are.