10 Reasons Why Sports Cars and Exotic Cars Have Low Mileage

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Many people all across the world are interested in sports and exotic cars. These vehicles are expensive and can be one-of-a-kind to each person that looks to purchase one. These vehicles have minimal mileage for a variety of reasons. Let us look at those factors now.

1. Exotic and sports cars lose value as they travel more miles.

Older the vehicles value gets lesser to the cars. Depreciation is more for cars that traveled a lot of miles. The depreciation curve is steep for sports and exotic cars in general.

Many people that are looking to purchase a used exotic car, or a sports car are looking for one that they can add to their collection as an investment. Because of this, if a car has higher mileage, they run into more issues than those with lower mileage. This hurts the resale value and makes them less valuable to the next person that may buy them.

Because of this, many people never put mileage on their expensive vehicles, meaning most of them to have lower mileage.

2. Manufacturer

The model and manufacturer of the car play a vital role. Limited edition automobiles and ultra-rare supercars depreciate the slowest. However, these are far more expensive than other luxurious cars.

Cars having optional extras may depreciate easier or little by little than a car that does not have optional extras. Hence, you will have to judge the best value over time and the options that deliver the value.

3. They aren’t great for most purposes

Sports and exotic cars, like other vehicles, are unsuitable for regular commuting. However, some automobile owners use their exotic cards for daily necessities and little errands. Some people may only utilize sports vehicles on weekends. What does it mean? Owners’ total mileage is lower when compared to other automobiles that go a large distance and are built for those longer trips.

Exotic automobiles are utilized for fun in many countries, and hence those are employed for everyday trips such as shopping or going to the movies. Aside from supercars such as exotic or sports vehicles, many owners frequently employ a second automobile for various purposes so that they don’t have to put mileage on the more expensive vehicle.

4. Insurance conditions for exotic and sports car

Another reason why sports cars and exotics have minimal mileage is due to insurance company limits and requirements.

When these automobile owners seek insurance, these companies have devised several policies for them to follow. The key constraint is to keep the mileage low. Yes, if the mileage per insurance conditions is covered, the insurance is covered.

The mileage allowance varies depending on the company that insures these vehicles. However, you will have to pay more for extra mileage coverage on your sports and exotic automobile.

5. For special occasions

Owners of exotic and sports cars utilize them for special events. However, brand loyalty and the sentimental worth of the automobile are important factors for car owners. Reserving the car for special occasions decreases mileage while also protecting the car’s value.

6. Track Days

What about cars that are only utilized on track days? This implies that the automobiles are only utilized on weekends or unusual occasions, such as once or twice a month.

When vehicles are built for this purpose, they are generally taken to the track on a trailer, and keep mileage off of them.

7. Don’t drive at all

Some of the cars, such as sports and exotic, owners do not drive on many occasions.

Hence, they consider cars as art without much use. So, owners preserve exotic cars in a protected environment like glass. These vehicles do not accrue any miles when sitting in the garage.

8. Exotic cars get poor gas mileage.

Exotic and sports automobiles are frequently built only for performance. As a result, they receive poor gas mileage.

As a result, driving them around for the sake of saving money on petrol isn’t always worth it. Due to the high running costs of these cars, it is critical to keep their mileage as low as feasible.

9. Inconvenient driving of exotic or sports cars

Due to low ground clearance and small size, exotic and sports cars are not feasible to drive in many situations. If you are doing any more than just driving around town, then you likely won’t be taking this type of car, meaning less miles on the vehicle.

10. Maintenance Is Expensive, And Reliability Is Average

Because of the great performance of these automobiles, maintaining them is an expensive procedure for a car owner.

Furthermore, the accessories available for exotic automobiles are significantly more expensive than other conventional elements of the car. Because of the high-performance attributes of the components, the parts for sports and exotic automobiles are expensive.

Reliability issues of exotic and sports are major issues because they are not durable. It’s no surprise that supercar owners attempt to keep their mileage to a minimum to reduce overall wear and tear on the vehicle.


The explanations stated above are sufficient to answer the question, “Why do sports cars and exotics tend to have low mileage?” By reading the facts in the preceding paragraphs, you may feel satisfied and updated in your knowledge.