Truck Caps: A quick look at if they are worth it

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Do you have a truck and looking to buy a cap for the bed of it? But, your not for sure if it will be worth it or not. I am here to let you know that if you are looking to protect your cargo from the harsh weather and have a way to hide and lock your tools inside. Down below, I will talk about “Are Truck Caps Worth It?” and how much they cost, and what are the different reasons for their use.

Truck Caps will make the height of your truck and gives it that SUV looks when having a truck topper is supposed to be even with the cab. A truck cap can give you the ability to allow you to go camping and sleep in the bed of your truck.

Having truck caps can protect the large cargo area and keeping it weatherproof. Giving it the perfect protection also protecting whatever you may be hauling in the bed of your truck. So if you are carrying tools or even groceries, the cap can also save those items.

So, when considering buying a truck cap and wondering, “Are Truck Toppers Worth It?” Ask yourself what you plan to do other than camping or grocery shopping and protecting your bed and cargo from the weather.

What is the reason why you may want a Truck Cap?

Now, while the cap only protects your cargo from the harsh weather and not from someone breaking in. If you have a primary type of cap, sit even with the cab of your truck. There is a truck cap that features a com lock and even a light gate window. Having the cap will not allow you to work out of your truck, but it will prevent you from unloading correctly. Also, it will not allow you to carry an oversized load like furniture.

  • High Rise: if you plan on climbing inside and standing up or crouching a bit, you will want this type of cap for your truck.
  • Commercial Caps: Are you planning on being able to enter the cap from both sides? Well, if so, a commercial cap has this feature that allows you to enter the cap from both sides. Commercial trucks will let you slide the bed out to you, making it much easier to grab what you need and not have to stick your head inside.
  • Cap With Roof Rails: Maybe you are an outdoors person, and you want to be able to mount a kayak, gear, or even a mountain bike. Then having a cap for your truck with rails on the roof will be perfect for you.
  • Heavy-Duty Locking mechanism: Have you thought about buying a truck cap that would protect your expensive tools? If so, then you want to buy a heavy-Duty cap like a steel or aluminum locking mechanism.
  • Lined Cap: Now, if you are planning to camp in your truck, then you will want to buy a lined camper top which makes the inside quiet, warm, and much more likable.

If any of these sound interesting to you, we actually have a full article here that discusses the best truck toppers out there!

Materials and cost of a truck cap

Ater, you know how you will use your truck cap now it is time to choose the proper material you will need. Here are three with their install price.

  • Aluminum: The type of material for your cap is cheaper than a brand new aluminum cap. The price is around nine hundred dollars. These caps only come in one color, white, and the cheaper ones look horrible with a worn outlook. But, if you are looking to lock your tools inside, this one is great for you.
  • Composite/Plastic: These Caps are a new option with few color options to choose from price for a composite/plastic varies and are cheaper than fiberglass but cost more than the aluminum caps, with the price range for the composite/plastic starting around $1,200-$1,800
  • Fiberglass: These caps generally look great also created to match your truck. The fiberglass caps cost more, with the price usually starting around $1,200-and going up to $1,500-$2,000. These caps are heavy, weighing as much as two hundred pounds, not much of a variety of fiberglass for commercial use.