How Much Should I Spend On a Motorcycle Bike Helmet

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Motorcycle helmets are important things and you should spend enough money on a helmet that is DOT certified. Normally you should get a helmet that is Snell/ECE and DOT certified. If your motorcycle helmet is certified it will give you better protection.

Also, if the gear has other stickers then it has passed other safety tests. If you want to buy a well-rated helmet, then it will cost at least $250. If you are looking for high-quality material that will offer additional features and good comfort, then you can go for the $450 to $650 price range. Let’s know more about how much you should spend on motorcycle helmets.

How many helmets cost?

The cost of bike helmets depends on the features, design, and types. General motorcycle helmets costs around $35. But if you are looking for expensive options the price will be $4000. In the case of full-face motorcycle helmets, dirt bikes, dual-sport and modular helmets are expensive than the general ones. On the other hand, half helmets are cheaper.

Things to look for while buying motorcycle helmets

There are various things to check before you buy motorcycle helmets.

  • Weight of the helmet: the weight of your helmet is important. If the headgear is heavy then it will put pressure on your neck and shoulders. Then after wearing the gear for at least one day you will feel the pain in your neck and shoulders. This is the reason expensive helmets are better as they are lightweight.
  • Ventilation and wind noise reduction: before choosing the helmets it’s important to check the ventilation part of the gear. Also, if it offers protection from wind and noise. These features will impact the price.
  • Safety certifications: the motorcycle helmet must be DOT certified and have other safety features. If a helmet has more safety standards it will be expensive. If a helmet meets the minimum standards of safety then you have to consider the sticker of DOT at the back section of the helmet.
  • Visor: the looking glass of the helmet photo-chromatic or mirrored. Although they are costly materials, to ensure better vision and safety this is the best in the market. You will also feel comfortable with these visor options.

Is spending less or more on bike helmets worth it?

You must never skip buying motorcycle helmets as this is will protect you on the road. You can save yourself from road accidents and severe injuries. Wearing helmets prevents riders from road accidents every day. If you spend less on your motorcycle helmet then it will give you the features that you have paid for.

A cheap one will not provide a better vision or comfort to you. It will also be heavy to put on. Then the poor ventilation system will suffocate you. Thus, it’s wise to spend a bit more money on your motorcycle helmets so you can get better comfort and protection.

Then there is the question of whether you should spend more on your motorcycle helmet. The main thing helmets do is to protect your head and keep you comfortable throughout the ride. If you purchase a cheap product it will have no special features and the material will wear down after some use.

But with expensive helmets, you will get long-lasting service, with better features. You will get overall safety and protection from it. A cheap bike helmet will do well in one area, while an expensive item will give better performance in more sections. However, in both cases, you might get the same level of safety.

On the other hand, expensive helmets are worth it. They are lightweight, have better ventilation and noise reduction features. They are also very comfortable and for this, you will not feel fatigued while you are on the road or after removing the headgear.

To buy the best helmet you have to check your budget, the type of gear you want, and the level of comfort you require. These things will help you decide on the price of the motorcycle helmets. Also, you can compare the prices of expensive helmets at different stores. This will help you get a good deal.


Bike helmets should be expensive as they offer better protection to your head. If you buy a cheap product it will not offer the best features or comfort. Also, look for a reputed seller to buy the motorcycle helmets.