Roof Top Tents: Can they be put on canopies or truck caps?

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Camping can be a lot of fun for sure! Though camping with traditional tents can be exciting, nowadays, roof top tents are getting a lot of popularity. When it comes to roof top tents, one of the most asked questions that people often ask is – can we set up a roof top tent on a canopy? Do you have a truck with a canopy? The truck canopy or truck caps can be of quite benefit when you go for camping at a place where the ground is not right for installing tents.

Can you put a roof top tent on a canopy? You can, of course, put a roof top tent on the truck canopy. In fact, that can be one of the best camping experience that you can have. Camping on the roof, as it sounds, is quite thrilling. This way, you don’t have to look for an even ground for installing your tents for camping. But there are many things that you have to know when installing a tent on a canopy.

First thing, you need to ensure is that you have to know whether or not your canopy can support the tent’s weight. To prevent any kind of disaster, you have to check the weight-bearing capacity of your vehicle’s canopy. Once you know the load limit, it will be easier for you to figure out how much load you can put on the top of the canopy.

How to fix a roof top tent on the canopy?

The best part of the roof top tents on the canopy is that you can purchase a readymade roof top tent and you will get all the essential things that you will need. Here are some essential tips that can help you to install the roof top tents smoothly and effectively:

  • You have to look for a place with a clean surface so that it can be easier for you to install the brackets
  • Check the tent properly and thoroughly to ensure that it is completely perfect and there is no sign of damage in the transit
  • Make sure to take a look at the parts that are provided with the tents to ensure they are in right condition as well

How to install the roof top tent?

For installation of the roof top tents, the most difficult part is to get the tent from the ground to the top of the canopy. When installing the roof top tent, first thing that you have to consider is to fix the brackets for the tent. This will make sure that you can fix the tent on the rack perfectly.

Once you fix the mounting brackets to their place, you have to now get on the ladder. With the help of the nuts and bolts, make sure to place the ladder firmly in its position. There will be some predrilled holes already. You just have to slip those bolts into them and secure your ladder in its position with the nuts.

It was easy till now. But the tricky part is yet to come. You have to get the tent over the top of the canopy. There is no doubt that the tents can be quite heavy. It requires two persons to get the tent onto the top of the roof. But if you are alone, don’t worry. You can take the help of –

You can set up the rope or the pulley to make sure that your system can easily support the weight of the tent. Now, slowly pull and set up the tents and enjoy the camping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do roof top tents get stolen?

Having your roof top tent stolen is an issue! These tents are generally just attached to the top of your vehicle, and are out in the open for anyone to steal! This in combination with their rather expensive nature, makes them a target for sure. Always make sure to purchase a lock for the tent, to make sure it stays attached to your vehicle.

How much weight can a roof top tent support?

This really depends on the tent you purchase and the vehicle you are using it on, however most tents will be able to handle between 400 and 800 pounds. You should definitely check the specifications of the tent that you are purchasing.

Are roof top tents any good?

Much like everything else, there are the good tents, and the not so good roof top tents. Make sure to do your research to get the right one for your budget. That said, roof top tents in general are awesome.


Once you successfully install the roof top tent on the canopy or the truck cap, everything is set. Now, it is time for having fun! Before you do that, make sure to check with all the details and facts about whether or not your vehicle is capable to carry the weight and how you can install the tent.

Also, you have to know many more other important things like the permissible load on your canopy, additional load except the tents and the people in it and more. Installing these roof top tents can be quite daunting, but once you are done, it can be quite a pleasing experience for you.