7 Reasons why Roof Top Tents so Popular

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Over the last few years, as people love to travel more and more, rooftop tents have also become popular. These are tents that you can install on the rooftop of your van, SUV, or other automobiles.

Before you decide rooftop tents, it is time to understand why they have become so popular. We will highlight these reasons below to make it easier for you to know more about rooftop tents.

Why are rooftop tents so popular? The rooftop tents are so popular because they offer better insulation, help keep pests out, are more comfortable, are easy to set up, offer more storage and have an aerodynamic design.

We will go into the details of all these reasons below. Once you go through the article, it is easy to understand why it makes sense to buy one.

1. Offer better insulation

Normally, when you’re heading outdoors, you might use a ground tent. The disadvantage of the ground tent is that it is placed on cold hard ground.

While you might use a tent footprint but still the insulation level that you get is not up to the mark.

On the other hand, things are completely different when you go with the rooftop tent. The rooftop tents are placed on your vehicle roof. You will not have to worry about insulating your tent from the cold hard ground.

It means that you will not wake up in the middle of the night feeling uncomfortable.

The excellent level of insulation that a rooftop tent provides is the reason why they have become popular.

2. Help keep pests out

One of the dangers while pitching the tent on the ground is that pests might enter the tent in the dead of night. The same might happen during the day as well.

This can really ruin your experience when it comes to camping.

You need not worry about the same when using the rooftop tent. You will be at least 4 feet above the ground. That is why; you can keep the pests at bay.

You can keep the flying insects at bay as well with the help of a rain fly.

It means that if you dislike pests, rooftop tents are the perfect option for you.

There are hardly any individuals who are fond of pests and insects. That is the reason these tents have become so popular.

3. More comfortable

Another reason why rooftop tents are so popular is that they are more comfortable. Generally speaking, they are bigger than a single-person tent.

Also, since you are away from the damp and cold ground, they are more comfortable as well.

Moreover, if your vehicle is running underneath, you might get some heat as well. In that case, the tent will become even comfortable.

Most rooftop tents consist of fiberglass shells, polyester shells, or nylon shells. Hence, the level of insulation which they provide is excellent as well.

These factors have made rooftop tents more popular.

4. Easy to setup

What do you normally do when you need to erect a tent?

You have to first and foremost find a suitable spot. The problem is that you might not always find such a suitable spot nearby. You might have to travel a bit to find the right spot.

Moreover, when you’re in an area that does not have even terrain, the entire task might become much more difficult for you.

On the other hand, when using the rooftop tent, you will not have to worry about finding a suitable place. You have to pitch it on top of your vehicle. You can park your vehicle on uneven terrain or by the side of the road, or in the parking lot.

The places where you can park your vehicle are plenty. Once you park your vehicle, it will become easier to install your tent.Consequently, the rooftop tents are much easier to set up.

Moreover, you need not worry about using skegs and other such things to stabilize the tent as well. Hence, it can be easier for you to set up such a tent.

Rooftop tents are easy to set up. It is another reason why these tents have become so popular.

5. Offers more storage

The rooftop tent is designed in such a way that it has pockets inside as well as other compartments. You can use these compartments for storing your gear.

When you compare the rooftop tent with an average one-person or two-person tent, you will realize that the rooftop one has additional storage space.

The additional storage space means that you can keep everything with you at hand. There is no need to keep everything in the trunk of your car. You will have everything handy.

The convenience which a rooftop tent provides is another reason why it has become popular.

6. Aerodynamic design

Many tents are designed in such a way that even after erecting the tent, you can drive your vehicle around. While you might not be able to drive it at a higher speed, like 50 mph or 60 mph but you will be able to drive it slow.

It means that once you erect the rooftop tent, you need not dismantle it and assemble it again and again. It will save you a lot of time.

The reason why you can drive around along with the tent is that it has an aerodynamic design. The aerodynamic design reduces the air resistance. That is why; the frame will not be under a lot of pressure. Since the frame is not under a lot of pressure, the tent will not collapse. Consequently, there will be no wear and tear either.

The aerodynamic design of the rooftop tent can certainly make it much more convenient for you to install the tent once and move around throughout the day.

Whenever you park your vehicle, it will become easier to get right into the tent rather than having to install it after that.

Thus, the aerodynamic design of the rooftop tent also works in its favor.

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There are numerous reasons why rooftop tents have become so popular. Due to the accumulation of these reasons, these tents are being used by more and more individuals. They can make your outdoor trips much more fun.