Aeropress vs Moka Pot: Which Coffee Maker is Right for You

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The Aeropress and the Moka Pot are two very different coffee makers that both have their own specialties. The Aeropress is an easy to use, quick, and safe way to make a cup of coffee. With a moka pot you can almost make espresso like drinks with it, but it takes time on the stove top. We will talk about how each one has its benefits in this blog post!

If you don’t want to keep on reading, and just want to know, the Aeropress is hands down the better coffee maker. After owning both the moka pot and the Aeropress for a year, I have decided that the Aeropress is best for most people. Its ease of use, ability to make better coffee by being more user-friendly, flexibility in its taste, and quickness are all factors you will find easier with an aeropresse than with a stovetop espresso maker like a moka pot.

What is an Aeropress Coffee Maker?

An Aeropress Coffee Maker is a coffee maker that is easy to use, quick and safe. It has a filter at the bottom of it with a chambers on the top for water which you put your ground beans in before pushing down into this area then add hot filtered tap or bottled H20 up above these grounds so they can steep together until desired strength brews through its micro-filter tube whereupon one pushes plunger downwards all way till end when done brewing; after plunging out liquid from upper section’s open hole onto cup below – now ready drink!

The Aeropress Coffee Maker makes about 12 oz cups and takes around 30 to 60 seconds per single serving if using boiling temperature 212F degree Fahrenheit heated purified drinking grade water.

This is a coffee maker, I am extremely familiar with, and is my daily coffee maker! You can read my full review of it right here.

What is a Moka Pot Coffee Maker?

A Moka Pot uses a much different method to make coffee. It is a stovetop espresso maker that uses pressure to push water through the grounds and into your cup below, which can be made with or without milk for creamier taste (although it’s not recommended).

A Moka Pot makes about one serving at time so you will need multiple pots if making more than just yourself some morning joe in order get enough cups of Joe before having start over again from scratch; also takes around three minutes per single pot using boiling temperature 212F degree Fahrenheit heated purified drinking grade H20 – but this varies depending on how much liquid used as well!

You can learn more about how to use a Moka Pot by reading through this article here.

Is the Aeropress Easier to use than the Moka Pot?

The Aeropress is much easier to use than the Moka Pot. While both have about the same amount of parts, the Moka Pot requires pressure, and constant attention to make sure that it doesn’t pressurize incorrectly, overheat, or just not be put together incorrectly.

If you do any step incorrectly on a Moka Pot it generally will ruin the end product.

Meanwhile, the Aeropress is extremely forgiving, and it is much more difficult to mess up. This is mainly because it is a immersion brewer, which means coffee and water sit together and are pressed out, instead of a pressure brewer which can tend to be more difficult.

Which coffee maker makes better coffee?

The Aeropress makes much better coffee than the Moka Pot in my opinion.

From what I have found, the Moka Pot tends to add a bit of a mettalic taste to the coffee. This makes sense, as it is made of metal.

The Moka Pot also has a nack for overcooking the coffee, and giving a burning taste to it.

Meanwhile, the Aeropress doesn’t have an active heat on it, meaning you won’t be able to burn any ground coffee beans during the brew. You are also able to time things easier, with its immersion brew styling.

Even if you forget about your brew for a little longer than you are supposed to, it just means its a little more extracted than normal, but isn’t ruined by any means.

Which coffee maker takes less time?

The Moka Pot takes about five minutes to make a cup of coffee, while the Aeropress takes about one minute.

This is a huge difference in time, and is also what will likely make most people lean towards an Aeropress.

So many people are on the run, and need a quick cup of coffee.

The Aeropress gives that with no issues, while the Moka Pot just takes longer to make, and is just less usable because of that.

Which one is more portable?

The Aeropress, especially the Aeropress Go (that I have), is the more portable of the units .

It is a lot lighter, and can be taken with you anywhere. The Moka Pot has to stay in one place on the stovetop or counter because of how it works (it heats up water).

This means that if I want coffee at work from my mokapot then there are some issues involved like bringing an extension cord for power which isn’t always feasible depending where your office might have outlets available etc (not to mention a stove or hotplate that is needed)…

So this would make people lean towards getting themselves into more trouble than they need by using their Aeropress Go instead since its easier all-around when compared sideby -side against other options out here today .

So is the Moka Pot a bad coffee maker?

The Moka Pot is by no means a bad coffee maker though it does have its limitations. It is a great way to make espresso, and it’s fun for people who want something different than the norm of coffee makers out there today (though this isn’t always true).

I find that the people that like Moka Pots are going to be those that just enjoy the process of making coffee, rather than those who are looking for a quick and easy way to make coffee.

Is the Aeropress or Moka Pot more expensive?

The Moka Pot is actually less expensive than the Aeropress, and is the only category where it wins out in this article!

The Moka Pot can be bought for as little as $10, and the Aeropress can be bought for a little over $30.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Moka coffee as strong as espresso?

Many people tout the fact that Moka Pots make espresso, however that isn’t quite true . Moka coffee is much stronger than drip, but it doesn’t have the same intensity as espresso. It also doesn’t hit the 9 bars of pressure, and doesn’t create the crema that Espresso is so well known for.

Should I get AeroPress or AeroPress Go?

I personally own the Aeropress Go, as it comes with an extra cup, a foldable stir stick, and a cover that makes the whole thing portable. However it doesn’t fit on top of all mugs like the standard Aeropress does. If you want something you will strictly use at home, than the normal Aeropress is going to be your best bet.

Is a Moka pot a percolator?

The Moka Pot may look like a percolator, but it by no means is . A percolator will have a much higher water to coffee ratio, and the pressure is not nearly as high.


I hope this article didn’t make the Moka Pot sound like a bad coffee maker, as it really is not. However, compared to the Aeropress, it just can’t compare, especially when you have the Aeropress accessory call the Prismo, which extends its capabilities.

The Aeropress is by far my favorite between these to, and is also my overall favorite coffee maker as well.

The Moka Pot is going to be those that just enjoy the process of making coffee, rather than looking for a quick and easy way. It can almost make espresso if you use enough pressure when brewing it on your stovetop!

The Aeropress will win out in this article as being easier-to -use , quicker (less time), less dangerous(no hot steam).

I hope my review has helped with deciding which one would work best for what type person or situation they are trying t o brew their morning cup.