Top 4 SUVs That Don’t Have Auto Stop & Start (or Can be Disabled)

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I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

Auto Stop/Start is one of the biggest debated features of a vehicle! It is meant to save on gas by disabling your engine while it is stopped at a stoplight, or in stop-and-go traffic. However it also can be quite annoying, and even can cause hesitations in the vehicle being able to move forward when you need it to.

Because of that, I have researched and found some SUVs that either can turn off this feature or don’t have this feature at all! So here we go.

1. Jeep Grand Cherokee

The start/stop feature is a fuel-saving technology that turns off the engine when the vehicle is idling. While this can help save gas, some drivers find it annoying.

Fortunately, the Jeep Grand Cherokee has a button that allows drivers to turn off start/stop. This can be accessed below the infotainment center in the center stack. To do so, simply press the “Start/Stop” button. This will disable start/stop for the current journey.

However, start/stop will automatically turn back on the next time the vehicle is started. For drivers who frequently use start/stop, this may not be a desirable feature. However, it is nice to have the option to turn it off if needed.

2. Chevy Tahoe And Suburban

If you’re not a fan of start/stop technology, you’ll be happy to know that the Chevy Tahoe and Suburban both have a button that allows you to turn it off.

If you’re one of those drivers, simply press the start/stop button to disable the feature. You can find the start/stop button on the left side of the steering wheel, next to the gear shifter.

3. Nissan Rogue

This feature is not available on the Nissan Rogue. Instead of start/stop technology, the Nissan Rogue features Eco mode, which optimizes throttle input and climate control settings to help conserve fuel.

While start/stop technology can be beneficial in terms of fuel economy, it is not a necessity, and the Nissan Rogue still offers good fuel efficiency without it.

4. Toyota RAV4

Fortunately, start/stop can be turned off on most vehicles, including the Toyota RAV4. To do so, simply press and hold the button on the dash marked ” start/stop.” After a few seconds, the system will be disabled and your engine will stay on even when you come to a stop.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure that start/stop is turned back on when you’re ready to start saving fuel again. But it’s nice to know that you have the option to turn it off if needed.

What is a stop-start technology 

The stop-start technology system is used to stop the car and cut the engine when the car is stagnant. This system is mainly there to reduce fuel consumption. 

This works with a computer-detected system that determines whether the car is stationary or out of gear. So the car stops fuel release and energy to the engine. It is adequate to maintain a speed to move around.

The delivery of fuel starts again when the car starts moving or clutching or the accelerator is pressed. The stop-start technology is still used in many cars and it’s not going anywhere soon.

This is an automatic process that happens with the start-stop technology. The driver can manually stop the car by pressing the stop button. The stop sign is a written A letter sign button with a clockwise circle arrow sign.

Newer start-stop engines are more powerful than the old ones. These acts are fast and more robust that are supported by massive storage batteries and high voltage electrical systems. These are much smoother and they can react when the driver slows down the car or is about to stop.

Why start-stop technology is good 

This technology saves fuel for the long run. It also helps the prevention of engine damage. It is worth keeping in your car. If someone is not obliged to start the car engine or restart the engine. Then it can be good to keep this technology in your car.

Apart from saving fuel, the automatic start-stop system regulates the main engine so they do not require additional HVAC components, engines or batteries to achieve its tasks. This is the reason they add fewer components and slight weight to the vehicle. 

Advantages of Not having start-stop technology

Many people and drivers don’t like the engine start jerking feeling. It can often disturb or irritate the passengers too. Many truck drivers also complained about the engine start sound and vibration. 

The heavy noise will not happen if the engine doesn’t stop automatically. This is a good point about not having start-stop technology.

The start-stop technology is a great way to save fuel. But it puts pressure on the car engine and battery life. The engine shuts itself when slowed but the other systems use the battery to run like Air Conditioning, wipers, radio or speakers and windscreen. 

So in no start-stop, this doesn’t happen. That’s why cars with stop-start engine batteries are very expensive. So that it’s strong enough to run various other electronic systems in the car.

The bad part is pausing the main engine and generating extra hours of damage on the main engine and burdening the PDF exhaust system. This is a huge flaw in the start-stop technology.

So what is the solution? if you are confused between buying a no start-stop system or having this system then you can decide with this article.

Also, many SUVs have the disabled option so you can buy them and see if anything is beneficial by changing the system by turning them off. The start-stop technology is useful for most drivers and car owners in its potency. So the automotive industry needs to provide this system in their cars.

Why are some SUVs that had stop-start tech, no longer offering it?

In recent years the industry has had a huge shortage of semiconductors. So many car companies have chosen to make their automobiles without start-stop technology. This changing circumstance made this change in the automotive industry. 

Many SUVs models were affected due to this situation. The Suburban, Tahoe, Escalade, ford edge SUVs, and Yukon models do not have start-stop technology. Still, many SUVs have this technology in their automobiles. Automotive companies are now offering the choice to disable this technology if they want in many cars.

How to turn off the start-stop system 

You can easily turn off the start-stop system in your car. It affects the drivers as they mostly complain about the stalling and vibration of the car. So many drivers like to disable the start-stop system permanently in their cars. They don’t like the experience of driving with this system.

Many cars have permanently disabled strategies for this system. Click the arrow button to disable this system. If you do that your car will not be able to stop the engine. The car will not go to the fuel-saving mode when it stops.


The stop-start technology is good for saving fuel. It also has some advantages like preventing engine damage and adding fewer components to the car. But it also has some bad points which can disturb the drivers. So many people don’t like this system and choose to disable it.

That is why there are some vehicles that either don’t have this feature equipped, or give the ability to turn it off if you would like!