The Top 3 Toyota Vehicles That Aren’t Made For The USA Anymore

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Toyota has always been a favorite of mine. I have had a few in my past, and they have always lasted, were as powerful as they needed to be, and were a lot of fun to drive. Lets take a look at my top 3 vehicles that Toyota doesn’t make (at least for the USA) anymore.

1. Toyota Celica

[Picture courtesy of Toyota USA]

The Toyota Celica is, and probably will always be one of my favorite vehicles. I’ve had a few of them, and they were a blast to drive.

These cars were a standard 2WD vehicle (some generations had an All-Trac or GT-4 version that was AWD) coupe. They came in both manual and automatic. However lets be honest, they were only fun with the manual.

My personal favorite was the 5th generation hatchback GT-S and the All-Trac.

2. Toyota MR2

[Photo Courtesy of Toyota USA]

As a brother vehicle to the Celica the MR2 was a mid-engine coupe style vehicle. It wasn’t quite as common as the Celica however held over quite a few of the design elements of its counterpart.

The mid-engine layout made for a unique, and fun driving experience. It also made an awesome entry level addition to that style of sports car.

3. Toyota Previa

[Picture courtesy of Toyota USA]

I believe this vehicle is still produced outside of the USA, however it only had a single generation with-in the USA.

This vehicle is on the list mainly because of it being such an oddball. We owned one of these when I was a kid, and remember it being a great car.

It was an oddball though because the engine was a flat four engine that was placed underneath of the front seats. To access the engine from the top you would have to lean the drivers seat forward to reveal an access panel.

Bonus Vehicle

I would have added the Supra onto this list, however the new Supra has now been re-released after around 20 years with out it! Learn a couple cool facts about it here.

The Toyota Paseo is also no longer made in general. It was an awkward cousin of the Supra, MR2, and Celica.

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