6 things to keep in mind when securing things in your Truck Bed

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It is important to secure things in your pickup truck, especially if you have a lot of cargo. There are many ways to do this and it can be difficult to figure out which way will work best for your situation. In this post, I am going to go over 7 different options that will help keep everything where it needs to be, both during transit and when the truck is parked.

1. Keeping things from getting wet

Truck beds are generally open (unless you have a bed cap), and weather can be a big issue when it comes to keeping things dry during rain storms, or even just light dew in the morning. There are a couple great ways to keep your items dry, while being secured in the bed of your truck.

The most common method is with a tarp, which is very easy to put on the truck bed, and has a lot of uses for various other tasks as well. Tarps are also great because they can be folded up when not in use (or used for another task), which leaves your pickup totally empty if you want it that way!

Another great way, is by purchasing a tonneau cover, these are great options if you plan on moving things in your bed regularly, as they are a semi-permanant addition to your truck! I personally have one of these on my truck, and it is one of the best additions to the truck yet.

2. Making sure items aren’t moving around in the bed

The easiest way to keep things from moving around in the bed of your truck is with ratchet straps, these are a great way to secure items down without having to use your tarps. If you don’t have ratchet straps, it’s not the end of the world! You can always just tie things down with rope and make sure they’re tight enough so that no matter how rough the road is, nothing will move around

Another item that really helps with this, is to bundle up items with bungie cords, these are so much better than rope for securing items because they stretch and keep tension with the right amount of pressure.

3. Everyone else on the road should be kept safe

One big thing to keep in mind when transporting large items, is the fact that you need to keep everyone else safe on the road.

This is never more true than when you have items that stick out from the back of your bed like boards.

Depth perception is difficult when a car is coming up behind you at a light when it is sticking out straight at them, so a rag or a flag should be secured to the end of whatever is sticking out.

This way other drivers can see where that item ends, so that they don’t hit it.

4. Organizing the items in the bed is important

Making sure to keep items organized in the bed of your truck is incredibly important, as it makes it easier to find and secure them.

You should always make sure that lighter items are not anywhere that will allow them to fly out of the bed. I tend to find it is better to put larger items towards the cab, and lighter items towards the rear of the bed.

Another awesome way to organize the things you are taking with you, is with a bed organizer! These range in price quite a bit, however you should read this article here where I talk about some of my favorites.

5. Always tie things down to the right place on the bed

Ropes and bungie cords have a specific place to attach in the bed of your truck. These should be attached on either side or both sides of front rails and back rails while straps can also go on any rail as long as it is at least 2 inches from another strap that has been already installed.

Bungies are best used for items like tarps because they will secure them tightly; you just need to make sure you hang one end off each side or both ends if there’s enough room which ever way works better with what material you’re using so air flow isn’t restricted too much around whatever object needs securing.

You will also find little hooks on the base of the sides of your truck bed as well, these are great areas to wrap around rope, or attach hooks from ratchet straps!

6. You should be driving differently

Having items in the bed of your truck is a responsibility, and making sure you drive accordingly is important. You should always be aware of where the items are and what is around you.

This way, if something does fly out from your truck bed because of an accident or some kind of collision, it won’t go flying into traffic. You should also make sure that when driving on highways to not drive too close to trucks in front of you so they can have enough time to stop, and not dislodge any items in the bed of your truck.


I hope this article has been helpful, and that it has given you some ideas about what to do when securing items in the bed of your truck.

After reading this article, I hope you have a better idea on how to secure things in your pickup truck from falling out or being stolen. Remember – don’t leave anything valuable unattended in your pickup truck! Now go forth and be safe!